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Amy Poehler is the deputy director of this city department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana
NBC daytime soap about the romantic and paranormal adventures of the residents of the New England hamlet of Harmony
James Roday & Dulé Hill star in this USA crime drama set in Santa Barbara about a police consultant with heightened observational skills
Forensic fairy tale starring Lee Pace as Ned, a pie-maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life with his touch
Jack Klugman was this murder solving pathologist working for the Los Angeles Coroners office
Cartoon which featured a white horse as an Old West sheriff and his deputy, a burro named Baba Looey
Four teens are haunted by secrets, the death of their friend and the mysterious 'A'
1996-2000 series with Michael T. Weiss as Jarod, a genius & former child prodigy with the ability to become anyone he wants to be
2010 NBC dramedy starring Peter Krause & Lauren Graham based on the 1989 Steve Martin film
1960s sitcom about cousins, identical cousins - they laugh alike, they walk alike, at times they even talk alike.
Series that featured animated shorts about a legendary hip feline and a bumbling inspector
Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia & Owen are orphan siblings on their own in this FOX drama
Soleil Moon Frye stars as a waif being raised an old and grumpy widower in this 1984-1988 sitcom
Blake Edwards created this private eye film noir series best remembered for its theme song by Henry Mancini and its heavy use of Jazz music
Gay men teach hetero men how to style and profile
Tom Skerritt starred as Jimmy Brock, sheriff of the quirky town of Rome, Wisconsin in this David E. Kelley drama
This highly popular Paul Rubens childrens series came to an abrupt halt following the stars arrest in a Florida theater
Larry Appleton shares an apartment with his immigrant cousin Baliki, a goat shepherd from the island of Mypos
Primates rule the world in this adaptation of a popular science fiction film series
Mo'Nique & Countess Vaughn starred as mother & daughter in this UPN spin-off of 'Moesha'
FOX action-drama about 2 brothers who escape from jail and run from the authorities
Eddie Murphy co-created this stop motion animated series about life in an urban Chicago housing project
Leslie Nielsen was Detective Frank Drebin in this precursor to the 'Naked Gun' movies
MTV series where Mom & Dad sabotage their kid's relationship
Gritty Australian soap opera about women in lock-up
This 1955-1959 sitcom, originally titled 'You'll Never Get Rich' which featured the scheming Sergeant Bilko
Murder, illicit passion, insanity, and secrets were the staple of this 1964-1969 ABC prime time soap starring Ryan O'Neal & Mia Farrow
Judge Wapner was in session here and Rusty was his bailiff
Angie Dickinson played LAPD Sgt Pepper Anderson in this 1970s NBC crime drama
1996 NBC drama starred Ally Walker starred as a forensic psychologist working for the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force in Atlanta
Ashton Kutcher goofs on his fellow celebrities
D.A. Hamilton Burger lost every week to this lawyer played by Raymond Burr
After 35 years of hosting this show, Bob Barker handed the reins over to Drew Carey
Rural sitcom set at the Shady Rest Hotel, which was a 25 mile train ride from Hooterville
Animated series about three kindergarten-aged girls who have superpowers.
Danny got Ruben to sell their song and it all came together when Mom sang along
Disney sitcom about a teenager & his family from the year 2121 who go on a time travel vacation and get stranded in present day 2004
John Houseman reprised his film role in this drama set at Harvard Law School
Corin Nemec starred in this 1990-1993 FOX sitcom that was strongly influenced by the film 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
Joseph Wambaugh created this 1973-1978 NBC crime anthology series
Groundbreaking Showtime series about a group of 5 gay men in Pittsburgh, PA based on the British series of the same name
Sci-fi series where each week time traveling Scott Bakula gets zapped into a different body
Cartoon about 2 genetically enhanced Acme lab mice--one self-centered & bent on world domination, the other good-natured but feeble minded
Helen Mirren is Jane Tennison, a no-nonsense Detective Chief Inspector working for Scotland Yard

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