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QUIZ: Can you name the Drugs affecting cholesterol, steroid and diabetes?

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Oestrogen Antagonist
SERM increasing Gonadotrophins 
Breast cancer treatment
Cortisol replacement
Common use in inflammatory disease
Cushings investigation
Fast acting insulin
Long acting insulin
A biguanide
Insulin sensitizer 
A thiazolinenedione
PPAR-gamma insulin sensitizer 
A sulphonyurea
K/ATPase antagonist 
A meglitidine
K/ATPase antagonist 
Delays carbohydrate absorption in the gut
Gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor
Appetite surpressant
They inhibit HMG-reductase
Used for hypertryglyceraemias, PPAR alpha receptors
Raises HDL decreasing coronary events
Blocks LDL breakdown in adipose 
Cholesterol absorption inhibitors
Statin ADR

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