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QUIZ: From Tema book, AP S,panish Vocab, No accents required, ñ is just n

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English DefinitionsAnswer
Carve, create a statue
Natural, simple origin
Practice, preparation
Vitality, how much life left
Exchange Rate
whim, caprice
Person Form Santiago Chile
Transmit (ideas values), From father to son
Dedicate Attention, consecrate, devote
user of the internet
Follow the footsteps, To Track
Made of, composition
raise (a flag), support (a cause)
small piece of land
Baby Bottle
cultivate, give purpose
Satanize, relate to the Devil
Forward Thought, Preventative action
group of teachers, School District
Step (In a process)
Generate, Create, (the Process)
composer, dignity
Ally between people or countries,
Animal (informal)
create something, produce, generate
Flash-drive, Small mechanical object
Profile, Wall (Facebook)
Blacksmith, Works with metal
outshine, famous, sticks out
Sustain, Stay firm
legend, tall tale, family story
English DefinitionsAnswer
Integrate, unite
Small boat, Dingy
share, confide
Manager, reprasentative
ask, inquire
Small, Fine, mini
confuse, disorient
Lose calm, go crazy, Have an outburst
difficult task, business
tweet (as on the Website Twitter)
United, Related to one another
Economic Benefit
Boy, Young person
Lament, miss
Headquarters, home location
ilogical, incongruent
Get benefits
Information regarding Computers
Tanner, Works with leather
Lie (not Mentir)
Take Controll
Ethnic group
annoy, disconfort (someone)
Change from informal to formal form of communication
money From Argentina
Make an effort to do something
disentigrate, devide
Harmonize, agree
Cause Damage
English DefinitionsAnswer
embody, become flesh
A rescue, to rescue
legal code, Legal system
be responsible
Small bench, seat
doubt, unclear problem
Residue, Left over trash
tool, Useful thing
Reduce, Diminuendo
Organize, direct, manage
Petition, claim
Small house, Shack
overcome obstacles, push the limits
Overshadow, Create Sadness
with clarity
surprise, amazement
overpowering, slave driver
Grow Rapidly (Especially population)
lots of
die, perish, succumb
belief, faith, conviction
Informal Market, Black Market
find on internet especially names and dates
super quickly
specific environment, confined
Connection of Circumstances and opportunities
Urban zone,

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