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What Thompson Twins song was featured on the 'Ghostbusters' movie soundtrack ?
Which Thompson Twins album contained the single 'Sugar Daddy' ?
What is Alannah Currie's middle name ?
Who performed on stage with Thompson Twins during Live Aid in 1985 ?
What Thompson Twins song was featured on the soundtrack to the movie 'Sixteen Candles' ?
What was Tom Bailey's profession before he found fame with Thompson Twins ?
Which Thompson Twins video featured Frances Tomelty, the ex-wife of pop star Sting ?
In which country was Alannah Currie born ?
For which pop star did Alannah and Tom write and produce a song called 'I want that man' ?
Which album cover featured Tom, Alannah and Joe handcuffed to each other ?
Which Beatles song did Thompson Twins cover on their 'Here's to Future Days' album ?
Which member of Thompson Twins quit the band in late 1985/early 1986 ?
Name the band Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie formed (with Keith Fernley) after Thompson Twins.
What was the name of the Tom Hanks movie for which Tom and Alannah wrote and produced the title track ?
Which part of Tom's anotomy is seen growing during the 'Get that love' video ?
Tom played keyboards on which hit by US band Foreigner ?
True or false. Did Thompson Twins play free UK concerts for the children of striking Miners during the 1984/1985 UK Miners strike ?
What does Alannah destroy with her drumsticks during the 'Get that love' video ?
Which Cole Porter song did Thompson Twins record for the 'Red Hot & Blue' HIV/AIDS charity record ?
Godley & Creme directed which Thompson Twins music video ?
The poems of Edith Sitwell provided inspiration for which Thompson Twins album ?
Grace Jones provided backing vocals on which Thompson Twins single ?
Complete the Thompson Twins song title. We are ________.
Which 1992 movie soundtrack featured Thompson Twins song 'Play with me' ?
Which Thompson Twins video featured the backing band dressed as nuns ?
'Sex and death' was the original name, rejected by the record company, for which Thompson Twins album ?
The Thompson Twins album track 'Judy Do' was written about which famous person ?
Although she declined the role, Alannah Currie was offered a guest appearance on which 1980's TV show ?
Which Thompson Twins album track was one of the first mainstream pop songs to be written against racism ?
Which Thompson Twins song was intended to be a single but was cancelled because Tom Bailey collapsed when they were promoting it ?.
What was the name of the robot which played keyboards onstage for the Twins during their 1985 tour ?
Which Thompson Twins song reached number one on the UK dance chart when released under the fake band name, Feedback Max ?

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