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Come on down, stop on by, hop a ______ and ___, to another Arabian NightAladdin
I got a ________ ____ to help you out, so what you wish I really wanna knowAladdin
Just a little snack guys / ___ ___ ____ take it back guysAladdin
Prince Ali, handsome is he, Ali Ababwa, that ________, how can i _____, weak at the kneesAladdin
A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, or _____ __ __, or say we're only dreamingAladdin
From the day we arrive on the planet, and ________, step into the sunThe Lion King
Free to run around all day, free to __ __ ___ __ ___The Lion King
Yes out _____ and _________ are bared, be prepared!The Lion King
And if he falls in love tonight, it can be assumed, his carefree days with us are history, in short our ___ is ______The Lion King
They can ____, they can _____, after all miss this is France!Beauty and the Beast
Now it's no wonder that her name means '______', her looks have got no parallelBeauty and the Beast
For there's no one as burly and brawny, as you see I've got ______ to spareBeauty and the Beast
Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before, ever just as sure, as the ___ ____ ____Beauty and the Beast
Up where they ____, up where they ___, up where they stay all day in the sunThe Little Mermaid
Under the sea, nobody ____ us, ___ us and eat us, in fricaseeThe Little Mermaid
Sha la la la la la, my oh my, looks like the boys too ___, ain't gonna kiss the girlThe Little Mermaid

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