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Do You Know Reaper From Overwatch?

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What Is Reaper's Real Name?
Who Is Reaper Voiced By In The English Version Of Overwatch?
True Or False: Reaper Works As An Assassin For Talon
What Is The Name Of Reaper's Passive Ability?
How Many Pellets Does One Shot Of Reaper's Shotguns Release?
How Many Seconds Of Cooldown Does Reaper's Wraith Form Have?
How Much Total Damage Can Reaper's Ultimate Ability Do To One Hero?
True Or False: For A Short Time During The Omnic Crisis, Reaper Was Allowed To Command The Original Overwatch
When People Attempted To Track Reaper When He Had First Became Reaper, What Was He Thought To Have Been Tracking?
When Reaper Entered Watchpoint:Gibraltar Who Did He End Up Fighting While He Was Looking For A Database Of The Original Overwatch Heroes?
When Reaper Joined With Widowmaker To Break Into A Museum, What Was Reaper Looking To Take?
Along With Widowmaker, Whom Else Did Reaper Join With To Eliminate Katya Volskaya
What Is The Name Of The Achievement That You Get For Obtaining 3 Solo Kills With A Single Clip Of Reaper's Shotguns?
True Or False: Reaper Has An Emote Called Cackle
At What Event Did A Giant Reaper Statue Appear?
True Or False: Reaper Was The Last Hero Developed In Overwatch

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