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Can you name the 2016 MLB Draft Rounds 1-5?

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Team/Round-PickPlayerHS or College- Position
Phillies/1-1La Costa Canyon HS (CA)- OF
Reds/1-2Tennessee- 3B
Braves/1-3Shenendehowa HS (NY)- RHP
Rockies/1-4Saint Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)- RHP
Brewers/1-5Louisville- OF
Athletics/1-6Florida- LHP
Marlins/1-7Florence HS (AL)- LHP
Padres/1-8Stanford- RHP
Tigers/1-9Sheldon HS (CA)- RHP
White Sox/1-10Miami- C
Mariners/1-11Mercer- OF
Red Sox/1-12Barnegat HS (NJ)- LHP
Rays/1-13Pope HS (GA)- 3B
Indians/1-14Westminster Schools (GA)- OF
Twins/1-15Plum Senior HS (PA)- OF
Angels/1-16Virginia- C
Astros/1-17Alamo Heights HS (TX)- RHP
Yankees/1-18Chaminade Prep HS (CA)- OF
Mets/1-19Boston College- RHP
Dodgers/1-20Indian Trail HS (WS)- SS
Blue Jays/1-21Pittsburgh- RHP
Pirates/1-22Wake Forest- 3B
Cardinals/1-23Colegio Individualizado PJ Education School (PR)- SS
Padres/1-24Carroll HS (FL)- SS
Padres/1-25Kent State- LHP
White Sox/1-26Louisville- RHP
Orioles/1-27Illinois- RHP
Nationals/1-28Walton HS (GA)- SS
Nationals/1-29Florida- RHP
Rangers/1-30North Florida Christian HS (FL)- LHP
Mets/1-31Connecticut- LHP
Dodgers/1-32Louisville- C
Cardinals/1-33Elk Grove HS (CA)- OF
Cardinals/1-34Mississippi State- RHP
Reds/Lot A-35Mount Paran Christian School (GA)- OF
Dodgers/Lot A-36Vanderbilt- RHP
Athletics/Lot A-37California- RHP
Rockies/Lot A-38Georgia- RHP
Diamondbacks/Lot A-39Auburn- OF
Braves/Lot A-40Shawnee Mission East HS (KS)- LHP
Pirates/Lot A-41Damien HS (CA)- LHP
Phillies/2-42Santa Barbara HS (CA)- RHP
Reds/2-43Clemson- C
Braves/2-44Jesuit College Prep (TX)- LHP
Rockies/2-45Vanderbilt- LHP
Brewers/2-46Menlo- 3B
Athletics/2-47Florida- RHP
Padres/2-48Florida- OF
White Sox/2-49Oklahoma- RHP
Mariners/2-50Oakton HS (VA)- 3B
Red Sox/2-51Florida Atlantic- SS
Diamondbacks/2-52York Mills Collegiate Institute- C
Rays/2-53Nebraska- OF
Orioles/2-54Western Michigan- LHP
Indians/2-55Holy Ghost Prep School (PA)- 3B
Twins/2-56Verona Area HS (WS)- C
Team/Round-PickPlayerHS or College- Position
Blue Jays/2-57Ole Miss- OF
Nationals/2-58Oklahoma- 3B
Giants/2-59Vanderbilt- OF
Angels/2-60Buford HS (MS)- OF
Astros/2-61Ohio State- OF
Yankees/2-62Louisville- 2B
Rangers/2-63McEachern HS (GA)- RHP
Mets/2-64Florida- 1B
Dodgers/2-65Santa Clara- RHP
Blue Jays/2-66Lakewood HS (FL)- SS
Royals/2-67Pepperdine- RHP
Pirates/2-68East Lake HS (FL)- RHP
Orioles/2-69John A. Logan College- RHP
Cardinals/2-70Virginia- RHP
Padres/Lot B-71Victor Valley HS (CA)- RHP
Indians/Lot B-72Oregon State- C
Twins/Lot B-73Leadership Christian Academy (PR)- SS
Twins/Lot B-74Salem HS (GA)- OF
Brewers/Lot B-75Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (FL)- C
Braves/Lot B-76California- C
Rays/Lot B-77LSU- OF
Phillies/3-78Millard West HS (NE)- SS
Reds/3-79Prior Lake Chistian HS (MN)- RHP
Braves/3-80Louisville- LHP
Rockies/3-81Cal State Long Beach- SS
Brewers/3-82South Carolina- RHP
Athletics/3-83Wright State- C
Marlins/3-84Lauren's District 55 HS (CA)- OF
Padres/3-85Round Rock HS (TX)- RHP
White Sox/3-86Ball State- OF
Mariners/3-87San Diego- SS
Red Sox/3-88Florida- RHP
Diamondbacks/3-89Rice- RHP
Rays/3-90Paxton HS (FL)- RHP
Orioles/3-91Jacksonville- OF
Indians/3-92Northeastern- RHP
Twins/3-93Air Force- RHP
Nationals/3-94Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)- LHP
Giants/3-95Samford- OF
Angels/3-96No School- SS
Astros/3-97Tulane- C
Yankees/3-98Culver City HS (CA)- RHP
Rangers/3-99West Orange HS (FL)- 3B
Mets/3-100Louisville- 3B
Dodgers/3-101Northwest HS (TX)- RHP
Blue Jays/3-102Arkansas- RHP
Royals/3-103Flint Hill School (VA)- OF
Cubs/3-104Oklahoma State- RHP
Pirates/3-105Tulane- SS
Cardinals/3-106UNC- RHP
Phillies/4-107Yavapai College- LHP
Reds/4-108Florida- LHP
Braves/4-109Orange HS (NC)- RHP
Rockies/4-110Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)- 3B
Brewers/4-111St. Mary's- RHP
Athletics/4-112Penn HS (IN)- RHP
Team/Round-PickPlayerHS or College- Position
Marlins/4-113Redondo Union HS (CA)- OF
Padres/4-114Southeast Missouri State- LHP
Tigers/4-115Louisville- RHP
White Sox/4-116Southeastern Louisiana- OF
Mariners/4-117Alabama- LHP
Red Sox/4-118Arizona- 3B
Diamondbacks/4-119University of British Columbia- RHP
Rays/4-120Hopkinsville HS (KY)- RHP
Orioles/4-121Turner Ashby HS (VA)- RHP
Indians/4-122UC Santa Barbara- RHP
Twins/4-123St. John's- RHP
Nationals/4-124Texas A&M- OF
Giants/4-125Oregon- LHP
Angels/4-126Monsignor Edward Pace HS (FL)- RHP
Astros/4-127Michigan- LHP
Yankees/4-128Gulf Coast CC (FL)- RHP
Rangers/4-129Pittsburgh- SS
Mets/4-130Coastal Carolina- SS
Dodgers/4-131Western Nevada CC (NV)- OF
Blue Jays/4-132Auburn- OF
Royals/4-133Texas A&M- RHP
Cubs/4-134California Baptist- RHP
Pirates/4-135Jensen Beach HS (FL)- LHP
Cardinals/4-136USC- C
Phillies/5-137Oregon- LHP
Reds/5-138Texas A&M- RHP
Braves/5-139Gardner-Webb- RHP
Rockies/5-140Arizona State- C
Brewers/5-141Kentucky- RHP
Athletics/5-142Kentucky- 3B
Marlins/5-143Missouri State- RHP
Padres/5-144University of Wisconsin-Whitewater- RHP
Tigers/5-145Texas A&M- RHP
White Sox/5-146Fresno State- RHP
Mariners/5-147Oklahoma State- SS
Red Sox/5-148Maryland- RHP
Diamondbacks/5-149Toms River HS North (NJ)- 3B
Rays/5-150College of Southern Nevada- RHP
Orioles/5-151Colegio Angel David HS (PR)- SS
Indians/5-152Seven Lakes HS (TX)- OF
Twins/5-153St. Martin SS (Canada)- RHP
Nationals/5-154New Mexico State- OF
Giants/5-155Missouri- SS
Angels/5-156Georgia Tech- SS
Astros/5-157Seminole State- 3B
Yankees/5-158South Carolina- OF
Rangers/5-159Henry Ford CC (MI)- LHP
Mets/5-160Arizona State- SS
Dodgers/5-161San Jacinto College North- LHP
Blue Jays/5-162Notre Dame- 2B
Royals/5-163Creighton- SS
Cubs/5-164Duke- RHP
Pirates/5-165Merced College- RHP
Cardinals/5-166George County HS (MS)- 1B

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