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Bernadette and Howard marry in which season?
'This would've been so much more romantic if you didn't have monkey hair on your finger,' is a quote by which character?
'It's more like how girls end up at a Best Western Hotel with a 34-year-old guy named Luther' is a quote by which character?
What is Leonard's middle name?
Sheldon almost died in a fire in which city?
'If that was slang, I am unfamiliar with it. If it was literal, I share your aversion to soiled hosiery,' is a quote by which character?
What is Bernadette's FULL name?
'Have you ever been told how beautiful you are in flawless Russian?' is a quote by which character?
Sheldon has: a) a special spot on the couch b) no doctorates c) two living parents
Question Answer
Sheldon (temporarily) moves to which city?
What is the couple's nickname for Sheldon and Amy?
What were the two Physics Bowl teams?
'Come at me, see what happens!' is a quote by which character?
In which episode do Amy and Sheldon meet: a) The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition b) The Lunar Excitation c) The Tangerine Factor
The show has revealed two last names Penny has had or will have. What are they?
Name all the states that The Big Bang Theory has taken place in, in alphabetical order?
Which town did Howard grow up in, and now lives in?

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