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Can you name the Warhammer related trivia for a third time?

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The weapon that the entire series is named for
Preferred ranged weapon of the Adeptus Astartes
The first rank of Bretonnian knights
The system that saw both Horus' corruption and the death of Ferrus Manus
The most (Or arguably least) successful Slayer in the world
Eldar titled The Hand of Asuryan and the First Phoenix
Region, also known as The Blessed Land, from which the Tomb Kings hail
Imperial term for mutants who are acceptably close to base human or too useful for persecution
Title afforded to the Elven archmage Caledor
Commisar famed across the Imperium for his actions on Armageddon
Skaven clan renowned for their highly dangerous technology
Tyranid bioform used for infiltration and as shock troops
Lore of magic associated with the Jade Wind
Temple of Assassins used for infiltration
Elite Dwarven unit that wears fire-proof armor and wields flamethrowers
Home planet of the Blood Angels
The most venerable of the Saurus Scar Veterans
Official classification for the battlesuits also known as 'Crisis'
Ogre who gave his name to the entire class of professional mercenaries
Space Marine Chapter located on Saturn's moon Titan
The father of all Dragon Ogres, said to be the size of a mountain
Site of the last battle where the Emperor and Horus fought on the same side
Dwarfhold now used as the headquarters of the Lahmian Vampires
Home planet of the Imperial Guard regiment known as the 'First And Only'
Current holder of the title of Reiksmarshall
First Primarch to become a Daemon Prince
Dwarven god of the dead
The precursor organization to the Sisters of Battle as the military arm of the Ministorum
The glorious Second King of the Fourth Dynasty of Mahrak and most terrifying warrior in the Southlands
Ophidian species of xenos, noted to smell like mint and curdled milk

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