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The three chief ancestor gods of the Dwarfs
What color is an Ork?
How old was the Empire at the time of its destruction?
The previous name of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Hulking race created for manual labor by the Slann
The first Hive Fleet to enter known space
Orc who eventually came into possession of Nagash's crown
A huge gestalt of rocks, ships, and detritus; generally inhabited by Orks or Genestealers
The last Tsar of Kislev
Primarch also known as the Warhawk
Druchii name for what are generally called Cold Ones
Species known for living below the decks of human ships and for their combination of melta and plasma technology
First High King of the Dwarfs and long time friend of Malekith
Being awakened by the Young King
Vlad von Carstein's original name
The greatest of the four extant C'Tan
Steed of Aenarion
The mainstay of the Imperial Navy
Home province of Ludwig Schwarzhelm
Horus' weapons at the time of his death
Chaos Lord who bore the Skull Mace Of Malarak before meeting an untimely end at the hands of Gotrek Gurnisson
The largest ship fielded by Eldar corsairs
The two provinces of the Empire that substantially predeceased the rest of it
Full name of the commander of the Firedrakes
The home of the Chaos Dwarfs (Translated)
Scientific name of the Kroot
The unquestioned master of Ulgu before The End Times
The Emperor's personal flagship
The tribes that would eventually found the aforementioned destroyed provinces
Space Marine chapter that was declared Excommunicate Traitoris for spreading a plague to refugee camps during the Third Armageddon War

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