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Can you name the Warhammer terminology from A-Z?

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King of Karak Hirn and most famous user of shieldbearersA
Stronghold of Walach Harkon and base of the similarly named knightly orderB
Champion who serves as Archaon's herald and the commander of his vanguardC
Khazalid name for the Chaos DwarfsD
Fallen Dwarfhold in the Dragonback MountainsE
Enormous rock, also called the Ulricsberg, which Middenheim is built onF
Enormous axe wielded by Grimgor IronhideG
Leader of Naggaroth's Witch ElvesH
Birth name of Ulthuan's third Phoenix King, shared by a famous modern descendantI
Family of Altdorf wool merchants whose younger son earned fame travelling with a SlayerJ
God of the hunt worshipped mostly in Athel LorenK
Electoral line of Averland, whose most recent patriarch could charitably called 'Eccentric'L
Huge serpentine monsters controlled using magic horns during the War of VengeanceM
The largest and most powerful Kroxigor in the known worldN
Race theorized to be a close relative of Halflings despite their radically different appearanceO
Province of Bretonnia that produces the most Pegasus KnightsP
Old One associated with the earth and protectionQ
Purview of the Ancestor God MorgrimR
Malus Darkblade's faithful steedS
Tribe of men who were led by the berserker king Otwin during the time of SigmarT
Nehekaran god of the underworldU
Goddess of wisdom and justiceV
Knightly order that favors the use of hammers over lancesW
The highest rank that a Bretonnian peasant can attainY
'Grandson' of W'Soran with a very impressive mountZ

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