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Can you name the Warhammer terminology from A-Z?

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The smith who taught humans how to work steel and forged the RunefangsA
Given name of the Elector Count of MiddenlandB
Sorceror whose name was given to the most destructive of Celestial spellsC
A minotaur of particularly great size and ferocityD
Realm to the south-west of Bretonnia, where the Crusades were foughtE
The current Phoenix King, renowned for his wide-ranging travelsF
Orc warlord who destroyed the province of SollandG
The distinguishing name of the capital of the Black Mountain HoldsH
Crude bladed gauntlets used by Ogres to pummel their foes into submissionI
Hideous monster whose presence drives those nearby insaneJ
The queen of Lybaras and Chosen of AsaphK
The largest city in Ulthuan, as well as the only one that allows humansL
Beast venerated by Dark Elves but considered evil everywhere elseM
Fortress of the dead built within Cripple PeakN
Race of divine beings that created most of the world's lifeO
Term used for Bretonnian champions and banner-bearersP
River that runs through most of the southern EmpireR
Race of enormous giants destroyed by the OgresS
Cave-dwelling species of beast called The Pale DeathT
Formal name for the Wind of ShadowU
Dwarfen goddess of the hearth and protectionV
Progenitor of the Necrarch clan of VampiresW
Homeland of the Chaos DwarfsZ

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