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Can you name the missing words in these alternative rock bands and albums?

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My Bloody _________
Neutral ____ Hotel
Nine ____ Nails
The ________ Pumpkins
Built to _____
Dinosaur __
The _____ & Mary Chain
Guided by ______
Cocteau _____
Arcade ____
_______ Mode
Manic Street _________
_____ No More
____ Against the Machine
Nick Cave and the Bad _____
Sonic _____
The _______ Lips
Teenage _______
The _____________ Plan
Broken ______ Scene
Isn't ________
In the ________ Over the Sea
The ________ Spiral
Mellon Collie and the Infinite _______
_______ From Now On
You're ______ All Over Me
Bee ________
______ or Las Vegas
____ Bible
Songs of Faith and _______
The Holy _____
Angel ____
The ______ of Los Angeles
No More Shall We ____
________ Nation
______ Taste Metallic
Grand ____
Emergency & _
You Forget It in ______

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