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QUIZ: Can you name the songs from the Phoenix Wright Musical Project?

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First (Sung) LineSong TitleSung By (All Characters in Song)
Twenty minutes 'til the trial starts and I'm half an hour away...Phoenix Wright/Ensemble
If your client's innocent, this testimony's fiction...Mia Fey
I'm the Rookie Killer...Winston Payne
There are times when you'll feel lonely and defeated...Mia Fey
I won it, I still can't believe it...Phoenix Wright
Today was his first day in court...Mia Fey/Maya Fey/Phoenix Wright
April May here, at your service...April May
Like the scent of fresh lemons...Marvin Grossberg
Redd White makes the rules...Redd White
I'll water Charley each time you forget...Maya Fey/Phoenix Wright
When the moon is bright with a pale blue light and trouble is nearby...Dee Vasquez
They say the world moves by so fast but Wendy Oldbag's faster...Wendy Oldbag/Dick Gumshoe
When the moon is bright with a pale blue light and trouble is nearby...Cody Hackins/Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth/Will Powers
They say the world moves by so fast and once I was the fastest...Wendy Oldbag
Five years ago, this accident occurred...Phoenix Wright/Dee Vasquez
First (Sung) LineSong TitleSung By (All Characters in Song)
My name is Dee Vasquez, I am a producer at Global Studios...Dee Vasquez/Phoenix Wright
What can I say? All the signs point to the truth...Miles Edgeworth
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...Dick Gumshoe/Maya Fey/Phoenix Wright
Go on tell me. What is it you have to say?Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright/Maya Fey
I'm in charge of every trial...Manfred von Karma
Y'all listen up now and listen good...Lotta Hart/Manfred von Karma/Phoenix Wright/Maya Fey
I consider myself to be a real man's man, see...Dick Gumshoe
Oh, pasta shop, pasta everywhere...Yanni Yogi
Well I was hangin' out with my girlfriend Ruth...Larry Butz
Guilty! He did it!Class/Phoenix Wright
How may years has it been since I heard that name?Manfred von Karma/Phoenix Wright/Maya Fey
Tomorrow's trial, my doom will be decided...Pretty much everybody
Your story is mere conjecture...Manfred von Karma/Mia Fey/Phoenix Wright
Finally the case is done...Phoenix Wright/Maya Fey

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