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How many hours of sleep does a 5-10 year old have?
Which gene is thought to explain narcolepsy in humans?
What type of insomnia is waking up frequently in the night?
Narcolepsy can be explained through neurotransmitter deficiency of what?
When is a circadian rhythm established in infants?
What is the main explanation of narcolepsy?
What type of sleep does Oswald think our body restores during?
What is an exogenous zeitgeber?
Which neurochemical is thought to be insufficient in sufferers of sleep walking?
What percentage of cases of RBD are male?
What type of insomnia is waking up too early and not being able to sleep?
Who proposed the 'conservation of energy' theory of sleep?
Which is harder to cope with- phase delay or phase advance?
What is an example of an endogenous pacemaker?
What type of insomnia is difficultly falling asleep?
Stages of sleep is an example of what type of rhythm?
The SCN is fully known as...
Episodes triggered by emotional arousal-
Stages 1-4 sleep are also known as...
A part of the brain involved in emotion, hunger, motivation and the stress response-
What kind of cause is 'learned' insomnia?
What does RBD stand for?
Where is the SCN located?
What is the sleep onset latency for primary insomnia?
REM stands for...
Hibernation and seasonal affective disorder are examples of which type of rhythm?
Sleep walking is also known as...
How often does a circadian rhythm repeat?
Who proposed the 'protection' theory of sleep?
What stage of sleep does sleep walking occur?
Which illness is related to the onset of RBD?
How many hours of sleep does a one year old have?
Which two factors does Meddis see as essential to his evolutionary theory of sleep?
Insomnia that cannot be attributed to medical causes us known as...
How many hours of sleep does a newborn have?
What is an common problem in research into insomnia?
How often does an ultradian rhythm repeat?
What is a biorhythm?
How many percentage of people say they have severe insomnia?
1 in 2000 people suffer from-
Dreamlike experiences which can occur when falling asleep which are hard to distinguish from reality-
Age of onset as young as five is seen in-
How often does a circannual rhythm repeat?
What did Oswald propose?
Muscle weakness which occurs when a person is awake-
How many hours of sleep does a 45-60 year old have?
Insomnia that is caused by another condition is known as...
What percentage of children and adults are affected by sleep walking?
How many percentage of adults have symptoms of insomnia?
Which sleep disorder involves acting out dreams and muscle paralysis not working?
What does the SCN do?
The stage of sleep in which the muscles are paralysed apart from those in the eye...
The menstrual cycle is an example of what type of rhythm?
How often does an infradian rhythm repeat?
Which two other explanations are there for somnabulism?
What type of environmental factors could cause narcolepsy?
Urination and body temperature are examples of what type of rhythm?
A hormone that is produced by the pineal gland- in the brain which increases sleepiness
How does Horne differ in his theory of sleep?
Light, exercise, pheromones are examples of what?
What is an endogenous pacemaker?

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