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Double LetterWordDefinition
A(n.) Animal characterized by long tongue, feeds on ants and termites
B(v.) To talk inanely, speak using meaningless words
C(n.) A place that people visit or hope to visit
D(n.) A seat for a rider on the back of a horse or other animal
E(n.) A snake-like marine or freshwater fish
F(n.) A batter cake with a pattern of indentations; a popular breakfast food
G(v.) To bargain in a petty or contentious way
H(v.) To hold back, restrain or check
I(n.) The plural form of half a circle's diameter
J(n.) A Muslim who has made the pilgrimage to the Kaaba
K(n.) A synonym for librarian; one who is in charge of records
Double LetterWordDefinition
L(n. or adj.) One thousand times one thousand
M(n.) A mark of punctuation indicating a pause in a sentence
N(adj.) Not harmful or injurious; not significant
O(adj.) A dark shade of red or (v.) To put ashore or abandon
P(adj.) Relevant, suitable, appropriate
R(n.) A deviation from accuracy or correctness
S(v.) To collect or gather for one's own self
T(adj.) To have a dull or lusterless surface
U(n.) A space entirely devoid of matter
V(adj.) To be well-versed in a topic; well-informed
Z(n.) A style of music made popular in New Orleans characterized by intricate rhythms and improvisation

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