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Can you guess the Kpop Songs from the given English Lyrics? (Jan-June'14)

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English LyricsSong TitleSinger Hint
Baby kiss on my kiss on my kiss on my lipsGirl Group Member
Don't worry no moreBoy Band
It ain't over til it's overGirl Group
Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got meBoy Group
Good morning baby good morningGirl Group
Look. Love is a nightmare. Time’s overBoy Group
Stop messing with my mind babyBoy Group
Let's go!Girl Group
So relax, be coolBoy Group
(I wanna) Hold you tight make you mine, never leave me aloneBoy Group
English LyricsSong TitleSinger Hint
La ~ la lalala lalala lala lala lalalaMale Solo
I love that, show me the lol faceGirl Group
Look at me now, come to me nowBoy Group
She got that somethingDuo
I want you really, I mean reallyDuo
Say what you want, say what you wantBoy Group
I wanna be with you, but i will pray for you babyGirl Group Member
You don’t even know what to say no more girl~hey!Boy Group
Wanna go touch, wanna get tipsDuo
Hey! The game is mine, can’t you feel it? YeahBoy Group

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