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Are you a die hard Star Wars fan?
What species is Darth Maul?
Does Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc?
What does 'poodoo' mean?
What are the little pig creatures that freeze Han Solo?
What's the snow creature that attacks Luke?
Who is the trace of the clone army?
How many times is Anakin hit with a lightsaber(Vader counts as Anakin)?
What addition to the Special Edition pissed the world off.
Are you a die hard Star Wars fan?
Who goes with Mace Windu to kill Darth Sidious(In order of death)?
What is the very last word Vice Roy Nute Gunray's last words?
Who is Jabba's right hand man?
Who is the son of Han and Leia?
What was the fake name for A New Hope?
What was the fake name for Return of the Jedi?
Name all the Darth's in order you see them in battle.
Who is the singer in Jabba's Palace?

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