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CharactersMovieActors (Actresses)
Ted Kramer, Maverik & Ramada Thompson
Mr. Bean, Katharine Clifton & Mother Superior
Rachel, Dewey Finn & Wladyslaw Szpilman
Carol Connelly, Fred Haise & Dr. Lawrence Gordon
King Arthur, Q & Ken Pile
Shaun, Clive Gollings & Arthur Dent
Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, Tony Montana & The President
Legolas, Vesper Lynd & Oskar Schindler
Robert Neville, Lone Starr & Dr. Ian Malcolm
James Bond, Ellerby & Jack Crawford
Capt. John H. Miller, Santa & Billy Sherbert
Don Altobello, Frankie Dunn & Reese
The Joker (voice), Indiana Jones & Mystery Woman
John Connor, Ennis Del Mar & Rethrick
Bruce Banner, Benjamin Button & Queen Elizabeth
CharactersMovieActors (Actresses)
Truman Burbank, Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding & Jennifer Grogan
Alfred, Hesketh-Baggott & Toymaker
Slevin, Renton & Michael Cheritto
Rocky Balboa, Turkish & Rogue
Agent K, Blade & Tony Stark
Anakin Skywalker, Jules Winnfield & Billy Eliot
Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, Jason Bourne & Jack Ryan
Matt Buckner, Eric Lensherr & Tom Stall
Lt. Jim Gordon, King George VI & Charles Bronson
Jacques Clouseau, Donkey & Felicity Shagwell
Bullitt, Marshal Zane Cooper & Kris Kringle
Dr. Rumack, Colleen Sutton & John Walker
Neo, Idi Amin & Mr. Frederick Little
Happy Gilmore, Ava Gardner & Frank Abagnale
Ferris Bueller, Simon Gruber & Darth Vader (voice)

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