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How they referencedReference
Lois convinces the citizens of Quahog that this group is hiding in Lake Quahog
Resident of Lake Quahog...if you screw up he'll kill you
Blue Harvest and Something, Something, Something Dark Side are parodies of this franchise
Stewie ran over one of the characters of this show...then Quagmire shot all of them
I wish I could talk to that'd be sweet!
Quagmire loves this show...nobody else even remembers it
Episode intro featured the cast as this group of superheroes...except Meg
Peter read half a review online for this show...he is not a fan (Chris is though)
Peter sees this robot enter a Jewish temple in the shows pilot
Stewie was baptised in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost...and?
Peter creates a religon based on this character...he is also Peters spirit guide
Peter is filled with this kids toy. It helps him grow his hair back
Peter purchases this DVD then procedes to kick everything. Episode was dedicated to the star of the film
A famous entertainer had a wait and see attitude now we have wrong sounding...
Peter continuously played this song during an episode
Brian and Stewie destroyed the record above just like a fax machine was destroyed in this film
One of Peters relatives wanted to name this famous cartoon character Efram the Retarded Rabbit
This hero saves Peter and Cleveland...everybody gets one
This robot villain demanded that Peter put Mr. Pewterschmidt money back
Underling of the character above. Works with Peter at the Brewery
This beer helps you get the tast of weed and hooker spit out of your mouth. Always a good decision.
Peter sang this song after he scored a touchdown against the Redskins
Griffin family meets these young adventurers in the sewers
Mayor West builds a gold statue of this mascot. Mort refuses to say his name correctly
The witness protection agents try to draw boobs on this kids toy. They always come out square
While in the south Peter painted his car to look like a car of this show
How they referencedReference
Name one of the heroes that Peter uses as a name for his boat
Mayor West sent all the cops of Quahog to rescue the characters of this film
When time traveling the Griffins reference this franchise a lot
Poking fun at their cartoon rivals the Griffins said they used to be on this show
The only fictional character Peter would allow Lois to sleep with
When Stewie breaks into the C.I.A. headquarters he meets two main characters of this show
While Peter is watching the Joy of Painting his portrait is that of this sitcom rather than a landscape
Stewie meets the creepy twins from this film twice. The first time he shoots them, next time he runs them over
Peter once met this therapist ...complete with squigglevision
Peter worked part time as a member of this supernatural capturing group
Peter captured a ghost from this film while working with the above
Cleveland gave Meg the first season of this show for her birthday
Death tells Peter he has to kill the kids of this teen drama
Brian shows Stewie the footage of this viral video. Stewie then wonders what it would be like if it were two guys
Peter, Lois, and Brian sing this old New England Commercial about tourism
Brian and Stewie both dress up as this character for Halloween
Flint from this cartoon tells Chris and his friends the dangers of drinking
While Peter and Lois are experimenting in the bedroom Peter references this Role Playing Game
Stewie kidnaps the cast of this show to hang out with them for the day...he ultimately regrets it
Meg was de-flowered on live TV during this show
These cookie mascots acquire missles from Judd Hirsch
These cereal mascots are the ones who survived the attack from the ones above
Peter and the gang dress up as the characters of this show during a TV convention
This terrorist leader told the FCC to censor televison after the David Hyde Pierce incident

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