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Can you name the Glee Trivia Seasons 1&2?

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Forced Order
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The person who was raised in Lima Heights
The dancer (male)
The star (female)
The cheerleader
The dancer (female)
The neat freak
The athlete that can't dance. Really, he sucks.
The star (male) (hint: Defying Gravity)
Really blonde guy. (color-wise, not intelligence-wise)
Diva. That is all I have to say :)
Mr. Mohawk (little too obvious of a hint)
Really curly hair. Likes a certain neat freak.
Makes fun of #13's really curly hair. Very competitive.
Rachel's Mother. Coach of rival glee club. I don't think I even spelled her last name right, so if you can, try to put her first name.
Blondy who appears once or twice in season one and two. Mr. Schuester had a 'crush' on her back in high school. Likes alcohol. Ew.

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