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QUIZ: Can you name the languages or words that are different apart for 1, 2 or 3 letters? ?

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Language family / Word definitionLanguage / WordSequence
Indo-European > Slavic / German state inhabitant_ _ S S I A N
Indo-European > Iranian / Acacia tree_ A S H _ O
Indo-European > Romance / To flatten by a hammer_ _ A N I S H
Japonic / Native of Cuba's capital_ A _ A N E S E
Indo-European > Slavic / Romanism supportingP O _ I S H
Turkic > Oghuz / Moving segment _ U R _ I S H
Indo-European > Indic / 12th century Welsh poet_ E N _ A L _
Indo-European > Indic / Indian religion followerH I N D _
Indo-European > Germanic / Founder of Bonham, Texas Bailey_ N G L I S H
Indo-European > Germanic / Half-man, half-fish_ E R M A N
Language family / Word definitionLanguage / WordSequence
Dravidian / Romanian riverT A M _ L
Sino-Tibetan > Chinese / Marijuana resin_ A N _ A _ I N
Indo-European > Romance / Nut-turning tool_ R E N C H
Afro-Asiatic > Semitic / Asian peninsulaA R A B I _
Language isolate / Head armor_ A S Q U E
Austronesian > Malayo-Polynesian / Cheek boneM A L A _
Indo-European > Indic / Norwegian actress ArnebergU R D _
Indo-European > Indic / Songhua river_ U N _ A _ I
Indo-European > Indic / Largest city in Pakistan_ A R A _ H I
Language isolate / Northern_ O R E A _

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