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The capital of LuxembourgGeography
The M logo of McDonalds stands forEntertainment
Uranium is named after this planetScience
The War of 1812 started on this yearHistory
Romeo and Juliet are the main protagonist of this playLiterature
This organization is responsible for FIFA World CupSports
The Xhosa language could be heard from these peopleLanguage
This color is the color of the Yellow Book Phone BookJust For Fun
India,the country named after the Hindu River,is the only country that most people believes in this religionReligion
The Movie 'Gone With The Wind' was adapted from this novelMovies
This sitcom is about the everyday lives of office employees in the Dunder Mifflin Paper CompanyTelevision
The name of the Beatles' white albumMusic
This game contains 5 sports and only can be played by WiiGaming
Ben & Jerry ice cream was founded by these 2 peopleMiscellaneous
Martin Luther King Day is to commemorate this personHoliday

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