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Which war took place during 1301 AD to 1453 AD in modern Greece? (9.7%)Famous Wars Quiz by Ben
Which 2011 movie did Adam Sandler star as Danny? (8.6%)Adam Sandler Movies Quiz by Matt
Which player was the #1 draft pick in NBA in Milwaukee in 1977? (9.8%)NBA #1 Draft Picks Quiz by Matt
Which 'The' band sang the song 'The Lions Sleep Tonight'? (7.3%) 'The' Bands Quiz by Ben
Which university is the top university in Washington DC? (9.5%) Top U.S. Universities Quiz by Ben
Which company has the slogan 'You've got questions, we've got answers.'? (8.3%)Advertising Slogans II Quiz by Ben
Which candy's slogan is 'It’s more than a mouthful...'? (8.7%) Candy Slogans Quiz by Ben
Which 3 letter word means 'insane'? (9.2%)Word Race (3 Letters) Quiz by paranoid_android
Question and PercentageAnswerQuiz Source
What does TAFN stands for? (8.6%)Chat Acronyms (Common) Quiz by SporcleAdmin
Which company has the slogan 'Anything less would be Uncivilized'? (8.8%)Advertising Slogans III Quiz by Ben
Who is the Disney movie 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' 's leading lady? (7.3%) Disney Leading Ladies Quiz by Derek
Which artist sang 'Cannonball' and ranked 83rd on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s list? (8.9%) VH1's 100 Songs ('90s) Quiz by Derek
Which Disney movie featured the original song 'Little Patch of Heaven'? (7.7%)Disney Songs Quiz by Ben
Which city held the 1956 Winter Olympic Games? (9%)Olympics Cities Quiz by Matt
Which Nine Inch Nails song contains the lyrics 'God money I'll do anything for you'? (6.1%)Opening Lyrics Quiz by Henryfieldstone

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