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ClueGreek Letter
An ancient Roman couch
A small Greek island near Kastellorizo
Chinese 'life force'
Italian motorcycle manufacturer
A vegetarian sushi with cucumber:__maki
A river of China well used in Scrabble
Golden Ratio
A landform of a river
A 2007 videogame for Nintendo
Edited to add (abbr.)
The point on the skull where two parietal bones and the occipital bone come together
ClueGreek Letter
Fraternity in Yale:Delta Kappa ___
Could be found in fish oil_
Milestone Comics size-changing superhero
Pounds per square inch
Top-level domain of Niue
Leader of a wolf pack
Top-level domain of Mauritius
Most dangerous electromagnetic ray
A Hungarian wine grape
___ Persei,also known as Atik
Tel Aviv University (abbr.)

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