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January 22, 1901This English monarch dies, after her reign of 63 years and 7 months, becoming the longest reigning female monarch in history.
December 17, 1903These siblings completed their famous flight on their 'airplane' in Kitty Hawk.
June 30, 1908This powerful explosion occurred and devastated 770 square miles of forest in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
December 14, 1911Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached this place with 5 people and 16 dogs.
April 15, 1912This cruise ship sunk in the Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland, Canada during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.
June 28, 1914Gavrilo Princip assassinates this European archduke along with his wife in Sarajevo, touching off WWI.
January 1918 - December 1920This pandemic killed at least 3% of the world's population and infecting 27% during the three-year period.
June 28, 1919This treaty ended World War I and redrew the borders of the European countries.
November 4, 1922KV62 is the tomb of this Egyptian pharaoh which was discovered by English archaeologist Howard Carter.
January 21, 1924Because of stroke, this Russian communist politician died in Gorki, Soviet Union.
December 24, 1925This Italian politican who founded the National Fascist Party gained dictatorial powers in Italy.
October 6, 1927This 86-minute long movie was the first 'talkie' movie to be released.
September 28, 1928This Scottish biologist discovered the penicillin which cured several diseases at that time.
October 24, 1929This stock market crash began when the share prices of NYSE fell rapidly, starting the Great Depression.
May 1, 1931This building was fully constructed and became the first building to reach terminal velocity when falling down the top of the building.
October 16, 1934Mao Zedong started this military retreat that let Communist Party of China to conquer China.
July 7, 1937 and September 1, 1939The Japanese invasion of China and Nazi Invasion of Poland triggers the beginning of which war?
June 6, 1944A total of 24,000 British, American and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of France on this landing.
August 6-9, 1945Two atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and this city, causing the only use of nuclear weapon in war.
June 25, 1950Kim Il-sung triggered the Korean War when North Korea troops invaded this country.
May 29, 1953The first ascent of Mount Everest, the highest mountain above sea level was achieved by Edmund Hillary and this Sherpa guide.
October 4, 1957This artificial satellite was launched, which began the Space Age and triggered the Space Race.
January 1960This band was formed in Liverpool, which was criticized as the most successful and most famous band ever on history.
August 29, 1963This speech was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr., which advocates racial equality and ends discrimination.
July 20, 1969Neil Armstrong and this American astronaut landed on the surface on the moon via Apollo 11.
June 17, 1972The Watergate scandal occurred and caused the resignation of this president, the only resignation of an U.S. president.
August 20 - September 5, 1977This spacecraft was launched, and became the most distant man-made object in the universe.
May 4, 1979This English politician became the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, also nicknamed the 'Iron Lady'.
April 26, 1986This nuclear accident occurred in Ukraine, and is widely considered as the worst nuclear accident in history to date.
November 9, 1989This barrier that breaks the city of Berlin apart fell and caused the German unification.
December 25, 1990Tim Berners-Lee created this system, which is the first system to connect HTTP and the server via the Internet.
May 10, 1994South African politician Nelson Mandela was elected as President of South Africa and ended this kind of discrimination.
July 5, 1996This sheep became the first become the first successful cloning mammal ever in history.
January 1, 1999This cross-country currency was introduced and currently used in 20 countries.
July 12, 2000This space station began its operation and became the first space station to have 3 or more participants

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