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Muscarinic agonist
No clinical uses 
Miotic (used in glaucoma) 
Urinary retention 
Miotic (glaucoma), dry mouth  
Muscarinic antagonist
Many things... 
Antispasmodic, motion sickness 
Asthma, pulmonary obstuctive disease 
Mydriasis and cycloplegia 
Nicotinic agonist
Nicotine replacement therapy 
Competitive (non-depolarizing) blocker of nicotinic receptors
Not used clinically 
Causes neuromuscular block during surgery 
Ganglion blocker
Not used clinically; first discovered treatment for hypertension 
Controlled hypotension in surgery 
Depolarizing blocker at neuromuscular blocker
Rapid onset 
Blocks ACh release
Used to treat muscle spasm, used in cosmetic surgery 
Blocks uptake of choline
No clinical uses 
Reversal of poisoning with organophosphate cholinesterase inhibitors
Organophosphate irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor. 

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