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Can you name the Drugs Acting at the Cholinergic Synapse?

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Drugs affecting the uptake of choline
Depletes ACh in the nerve terminal  
Taken up into the pre-synaptic terminal, leading to the synthesis of a false transmitter as it acts as a substrate for CAT 
Drugs affecting ACh packaging into vesicles
Inhibits H+ cotransporter on vesicles  
Drugs modulating ACh release
Disrupts exocytosis of vesicles 
Drugs which inhibit cholinesterase, enhancing cholinergic transmission
Medium duration 
Short duration 
Long duration 
Long duration 
Drugs modulating neurotransmitter release
Prolong depolarisation 
Inhibits Ca2+ entry into the synapse 
Drugs affecting the action potential
Inhibit voltage-gated Na+ channels 
Drugs affecting the action potential
Drugs affecting synthesis of ACh
CAT inhibitor 

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