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Can you name the Eastenders current characters march 2013?

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'Your a Mitchell'?
Baby beale?
Business man ?
Blond teenager?
Loves animals?
Loves drinking?
'This is the last time Max'?
Max's kind of wife?
R&R barman?
Derek's daughter?
29A albert square?
Jacks 'current' Girlfriend?
Oh little denni?
Ava's biological mother?
First appearance-20th November 2012?
'I've got it covered'?
'ooohh I say'?
Branning sister?
'we'll be alright mum'?
'That's Gingerist!'?
Bianca's only child that isn't Ricky's?
Child Bianca looked after?
Whitney's fiance ?
Loves money.....and women?
Likes:Leopard print and orange skin?
Loves a bit of dodgy dealing?
suffers from bipolar disorder and claustrophobia?
Supports west ham ?
Has a daughter who very rarely appears?
Neglected by his parents and was put into care?
Platinum blond hair?
distinctive ginger hair?
Oldest charmer in walford !?
Always looking for a man?
Strong through the ups and the downs?
'calm down zee we'll talk about this'?
The only goerdie in walford?
'where's my coin'?
'mans gotta plan'?
'That is sooooooo lovely'?
29B albert square ?
Always available ?
The child that's barely ever there and doesn't speak?
cute little blond boy from a very strange home?
born three months premature?
They thought he was dead but it wasn't him?
Phil's grandchild?
Phils ex you wouldn't want to mess with?

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