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Fact Answer
Name of the branch where Michael is co-manager
Name of the company where Michael works
Name of the company he created
What was Michael's position before becoming a manager?
What part of his body does michael grill with the George foreman grill
Who is the person that michael hates the most in the office?
What is michael's most common joke or catch phrase
What sport did he used to play?
What's the name of the real estate agent that he also dated for a brief time
What does michael's favorite mug say?
What is Michael's favorite restaurant for breakfast?
Who does michael go with to Sandals, Jamaica?
What is the name of the screenplay that michael wrote?
Fact Answer
What was the name of the star of this movie?
What was the scariest part of jail for Prison Mike?
What book does michael get ryan when he gets a job in corporate
What is michael's middle name
Who does michael hit with his car?
Who is michael's 'assistant'?
Name that michael uses to sign the Diversity Day papers
What smell does michael love to wake up to in the morning?
What car did michael used to drive?
What was michael's second job?
Name one of Michael's ringtones
What car does michael drive now?

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