Following on from Philosophical schools of thought (1). Fill in the missing words in each description.

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School of thoughtMissing wordsDescription
analytical philosophyThe t____ of p____ is the e____ of meaning by conceptual analysis.
pantheismG____ and the w____ are i____ , or aspects of the same thing.
agnosticismIt is i____ to be fully c____ of t____.
relativismThere are n____ a____ t____ , or at least no such truths may be identified.
consequentialismThe e____ m____ of a decision should be judged by its c____.
utilitarianismR____ c____ m____ the production of u____ , which is roughly equated to happiness.
modernismN____ m____ of operation are n____ for engagement with a changing world, and outdated modes should become obsolete.
universalismIt is possible to construct p____ which a____ u____.
existentialismHuman freedom derives from the fact that for us, “e____ p____ e____”.
essentialismAn e____ has a f____ d____ , comprising the properties without which it would not exist.
logocentrismL____ c____ is the most significant factor d____ p____.
linguistic philosophyPhilosophical p____ are g____ by l____ u____, and should be approached via linguistic analysis.
rationalismReason is the best guide to truth, and it is possible to derive c____ k____ from r____ a____.
atomismThere are b____ indivisible or i____ u____ in some field of inquiry.
realismSome e____ is real, meaning it e____ i____ of subjective contingencies.
materialismAll descriptions of p____ may potentially be r____ to descriptions of the properties of m____.
logical positivismOnly e____ or l____ v____ propositions are m____.
theismThere is at least one d____ a____ , usually with supreme c____ p____ , and often in the form of a personified God.
reformismC____ is needed to redress deprivation or to i____ s____.
determinismFreedom or contingency are impossible or illusory, as all actual e____ are n____ by a____ c____.
fallibilismIt is permissible to a____ a proposition w____ f____ j____.
functionalismThe m____ is defined by its function, which may be r____ to a series of i____ and o____.
postmodernismM____ itself is o____, and therefore a____ g____.
deontologyThe e____ m____ of a decision should be judged by its accordance with d____.
School of thoughtMissing wordsDescription
foundationalismThe establishment of basic p____ is n____ to g____ higher-order i____.
anti-realismThe e____ of some entity is s____ c____ , and therefore it is not real.
monismA____ d____ a____ of an entity are in reality c____.
particularismUniversalised c____ or principles c____ adequately e____ unique s____.
naturalismP____ arise from the self-contained s____ of r____ we call nature.
dualismThere are two i____ a____ to s____ e____.
scepticismD____ is advisable regarding some concept, or as the b____ of a c____ w____.
structuralismThe m____ of cognitive and linguistic forms is d____ relationally, via d____ universal s____.
conservatismEstablished v____, s____ and t____ must be c_____ in the management of social change.
nominalismU____ are not real entities, and the names we give them denote a____ g____ of real particulars.
communitarianismS____ e____ and identity have p____ over individual existence and identity.
behaviourismB____ can be understood in terms of its o____ f____ , and it is needless to hypothesise 'inner' states.
liberalismPersonal f____ is the most f____ p____ f____ and value.
poststructuralismAll meaning is structurally r____, but these s____ are n____ u____.
PlatonismP____ s____ e____ a____, the existence of which is available to reason.
pragmatismT____ itself is i____, and b____ are p____ utilisations.
StoicismThe good life requires personal d____ from w____ i____.
constructivismC____ are a____ s____ from prior concepts rather than neutrally discovered.
instrumentalismThe v____ of accepted f____ and theories is in their usefulness as m____ to e____.
empiricismAll k____ is d____ from e____ , whether wholly or partly.
absolutismC____ p____ are u____.
anti-essentialismThe formulation of f____ d____ is i____ or unnecessary.
externalismThe properties of the m____ are d____ by e____ f____.
radicalismThe r____ of existing conventions or institutions is necessary literally 'f____ t____ r____'.
School of thoughtMissing wordsDescription
perspectivismT____ is never definitive, as its a____ is always p____-____.
eliminativismSome p____ is b____ f____ and attempts to solve it should be d____.
deismThe s____ b____ is n____ a c____ agent, but still has absolute power and necessary existence.
aretaic (virtue) ethicsThe e____ m____ of a decision should be judged by its representation of a perceived v____ or vice.
holismA s____ of a____ must be c____ as a w____ to be understood adequately.
quietismIn some field it is advisable to a____ from s____ or p____.
CynicismSince the g____ l____ is lived in accordance with n____ n____ , it is virtuous and wise to avoid unnecessary desires.
epiphenomenalismSome e____ entity exists as a b____ of a s____ p____.
humanismThe correct a____ to any subject is c____ around h____ e____.
political ‘right’Our political priority should be the r____ and p____ of those within our political i____-____.
pluralismM____ c____ o____ should be considered a____, especially as a political attitude towards culture.
deflationismIt is redundant to assert the truth of a statement, beyond simply articulating it, because t____ itself is n____ a m____ p____.
authoritarianismPersonal f____ should be c____ in favour of a____ a____.
biocentrismThe w____ is c____ by the l____ f____ that perceive it or conceive it.
individualismI____ e____ and identity have p____ over social existence and identity.
ironyA p____ may be a____ d____ acceptance of its f____.
EpicureanismThe good life requires the c____ of v____ p____.
reductionismSome l____ or means of e____ can be or should be d____, for reasons of simplicity or efficiency.
physicalismAll p____ may potentially be e____ in terms of p____ f____.
transcendental idealismEmpirical objects are synthetically real, but a n____ r____ of 'things in themselves' t____ that r____.
anti-foundationalismThe e____ of basic p____ is i____ or unnecessary.
positivismT____ should be r____ to the explanation of e____ p____.
political ‘left’Our political priority should be the m____ of d____ and i____ in society as a whole.
idealismI____ are i____ to r____, either because the real is synthesised mentally, or because reality may only be known via reason.

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