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Which year was 5sos created?
What is Ashton's middle name?
What is Calum's sisters name?
What is Michael favourite word?
Which month is Luke's birthday in?
In which lesson did Michael think of the name '5 Seconds of Summer'
What is Ashton's starsign?
Where does Calum have no hair?
What is the name of Michael's lion?
What is Luke's moms name?
What is the name of their tour dog? (rowyso)
Apart from Australian, what else is Ashton?
Who is Calum's biggest celebrity crush?
Which 'Doge' was Michael?
What was Luke's first concert?
Who did 5sos first support on tour?
In which month did Ashton join the band?
What animal does Calum want as a pet?
What was Michael's first concert?
What are Luke's brothers called?
What is the bands favourite place in the world?

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