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hintcharacterextra hint
I am ZIM!!!!!!!!he is an 'invader'
hey, i like snacks..one of the two 'smarter' irkens
yeah, he likes snacks zim.the other 'smarter' irken
doo dee doo.....the little robot guy
it's called life dib, get used to itthe vampire teacher (no wonder she's single XD)
stop making fun of my head!i don't think his head's that big.
you're crazy.the kid with the spiky purple hair ( i think dib has a crush on her XD)
it scares me when you talk to yourself like that.dib's scary sister
get those snacks!he's the leader of the resisty.
no, it's not about revenge!her life was destroyed by an accident on the irken military training planet avastus (thanks 2 zim)
zim, i survived!awww, he's so small and squishy and cute! ^_^
Zim's foremanthink he needs to lose some weight...?
he's always to busy 'saving the world' to even care about his own childrendidn't he invent supertoast?
the class petROOOOOOAAAAR!!!!
hintcharacterextra hint
she's apparently a gothi wish she wasn't so mean to dib...... T_T
you calling mortos a mooch!?see you in 1000 years!!!!!!!!!!
she has a crush on dib.what's up with the huge teeth?! O_o
this makes gaz happy sometimesa big fat dude in a pig suit.
he's a demon pigthe trial is over! yaaaaaaaay for you!
hey, buddy!zim's 'best friend'
he started a lice plauge.my head is itchy!
the really weird student consulori wonder why he didnt give dib the camra.....
'sqeak'how does that thing store weapons in those puny nubs....?
uhhhhhh.. i hope you like this! (farts arm repeatedly)the 'grotest monster boy'
the leader of the narr-ghokthey look just like human babies
get it youself!he serves the tallest drinks and stuff from a platter strapped to his head.
BONUS QUESTION:without this an irken would die in ten minutes.

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