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i....... have............... FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!meet the greatest mario character of ALL TIME..
it's a-me, a -----!!!!!!!!!!!!!u no him..........
and a-me, -------!!!!!!!!u no him 2 but hes not as famous........
the koopa kingu usually fight him 3 times in a regular mario game.
the lil' ghost things from luigi's mansionthey are what u have 2 suck into the vacuum in luigis mansion
he rules the lil' ghost things.the king of the boos.
bowser's species, but smalleru have 2 stomp on them 2 times 2 defeat them in new super mario bros for the ds.
the aleins from partners in timethey look kinda like toads, but uglier.
the second in command leader of the shroobsafter you defeat her, u have to fight 'shrowser'.
the sister of the 2nd in command u know the restROOOOOOOOOAR!.... DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH (THATS THE THEME)
the residents of toad town.sorry, mario, but our princess is in another castle!
he is ALWAYS worrying about the princessi fear for the princess.............
'chippy'HELLO, YELLO!
the witch in superstar sagashe is crazy.
fawful's assistantsense is for the weak.
mario has 2 stomp on their heads 2 defeat em'.they r small and brown and always look angry
the son of the koopa kinghee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!
the queen of the beanbean kingdomtalk about fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the son of the queen of the beanbean kingdomhe is a master swordsman.
'the shadow theif'i like this guy's theme a LOT.
cluecharacterextra info
the one who loves the shadow theif.irratating........
the crazy demonic jesterhe was an 'ally' 2 count bleck.
she is another ally to the bleck armyshe is green
what's behind their mask...........?these lil' dudes rock!!!!!!!!
the leader of the bleck armyis he a vampire or what?
he invented the time machine in PIT.another crazy one..............
these guys r literally the bomb!don't get 2 close or they will explode.
he was the main antagonist of yoshi's island.he is a magikoopa plus he is also awesome
bowser's so called 'children'there is eight of em'
he appeared in super mario galaxy and 64.he rules the whomps
the little green dinosaur thingyhe eats everything he sees
he is crazy about coinsugly.........
his name is a pun on luigi's.he wears black overalls
the princess of the mushroom kingdommario's girlfriend
peach's best friendi really think her and fawful should totally get hooked up don't ask me why
they come firing out at u out of cannonsthey are black and have arms 4 some reason
a revamped version of the bullet billthey look sorta like bullet bills but have an angry expression and no arms
an incredibly large billthey appear in new super mario bros.
bowser's skeletonhey it's what's on the inside that counts! (BAD JOKE. LOL.....)

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