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The very first episode
Victor's son comes up to visit
Winston stealing leckie
Jack dates the charity shop women
Navid and the wedding
Tam is a wordsmith
Winston gets attacked by a dog
The Ballad of Mrs Begg
Victor and Jack go on a wonder drug
Victor gets a car
A loan shark is in Craiglang
Jack and Victor run Navid's shop
Jack and Victor go for lunch
Pete the spy
Victor wins a robotic dog
Jack and Victor travel to Canada
The Pub Quiz
Tam wins Joe's buggie
Big Innes comes to sort things out
Winston makes a TV
Victor pretends to be sick
A new girl at the cafe
Jack and Victor run the radio show
Crazy bus driver
The Wedding
Jack and Victor are gay
Jack,Winston and Victor could be dads
Winston must kill a turkey
Whisky must be tasted
Boaby's tape
Victor is 75
Mental Clansman
Winston moves to Finport
Tam likes his wife's sister
Stuck in a lift
The number 1 bench
2 Theatre tickets
Power is out
Free Pizza
A new superstore has opened
Pete invents the beefy bake
Jack has a heart attack
The Choir
All off to the Highlands

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