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Trait of TTerName of TTer
Penn State and Vanderbilt
Lives in the first state to secede from the Union
Enjoys reporting people and being mad fun of/angry
Penn State and soccer/Broncos
The lone bills fan in the world
Roots prodigiously for Ohio State despite never going there :)
Enjoys statistical analysis of football players
Depressed goth kid whose teams suck
Obsessed with the number 19
Pretty sure he's in the military and likes the bungals
His country got rocked by the US in the 1700's
Most people hate his posting
Has a picture of a goober for an avy
Is Canadian. Roots for a dump of a city
The black one
The Mexican
Kemba Walker
Obsesses with the NFL draft more than the Steelers
Another black poster, but likes the Pats
Is the only person that likes Cleveland. Not just the team, the city.
Does weed and likes the Seahawks
Poor Seahawks fan. Is nice
Trait of TTerName of TTer
Roots for the most underachieving team in sports
Has to live in Ohio. Is in HS
Likes Akron/Ohio State/Ohio u/ anything Ohio
Nice and likes the pats. P sure he lives in NC
Also black. Likes Wisconsin
I'm just counting all the posters with the phrase 'Vike' in this one
Thunderstorms and hurricanes and droughts and drizzles
Likes Texas A&M
Likes the Raiders and lives in CA
Truck driving is commonly associated with him
Sex and cysts
Tends to root for the underdog and likes the Packers
Has a drunk person for an avy
Go Jets!!!
Broncos. Tries to be funny
Likes the bears n' stuff
Saints and Facebook
Gucci & Pawn Shops
Really likes cfb and Boise State
I love Aaron Rogders
Papa of Philly Sports
Apparently Temple has fans. Also likes philly sports

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