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Can you name the doctor characters from video games?

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Worked for Group 935 and helped harness the extraterrestrial Element 115.Call of Duty
Genius who creates legions of robots powered by small animals.Sonic the Hedgehog
Creates robots, but is oddly enough stopped by a robot.Mega Man
Created Mega Man, and once had a close relationship with his soon to be enemy.Mega Man
Aspiring robotic dictator who hates all organic life.Ratchet and Clank
Interestingly enough, being a doctor is only one of his choice careers.Super Mario Bros.
Valuable for creating weapons to use against the Combine.Half-Life
Played a fundamental part in the ADAM development process.Bioshock
A bloodthirsty lunatic with a bag over his head and a chainsaw in his arms.Resident Evil
His scientific knowledge lies in the study of the Krogan genophage.Mass Effect

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