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Consequence of research where the participant feels that they have to behave in a certain way to please the experimenter
The procedure where participants are informed of the nature of the experiment, how resuflts will be used, reassuring them of ethical considerations
Form of question; invites the participant to compare events/experiences
Form of generalisation; can be applied to populations outside the study.
A script for the interviewer to use
A technique used in non-participant observation that, while unethical, allows observers to obtain information they wouldn't have otherwise
Form of question; invites the participant to identify structures and meanings to use to make sense of the world
Form of reflexivity; involves reflecting on the researcher's beliefs, values and experiences
A technique that prevents issues with one person solely checking the data
Form of question; invites the participant to give an account of something
Form of observation; the researcher gets involved with the situation while studying
A form of interview based on the assumption humans are storytellers, and by telling a story, it allows researchers to understand participant's interpretations
Process of finding specific categories in the data material
Where the researcher's own belief's influence the data obtained in the research
Form of generalisation; can be used to develop further theories through concepts.
Form of observation that takes place in the participants' natural environment
Claim that truth or falsity of knowledge isn't absolute, and rather determined by supporting research
Part of Psychology; questions how we know about the world and the basis of our knowledge
Form of sampling; uses participants who happen to be available at the time
Effects caused by presence of a particular interviewer, such as frowning.
Form of analysis; allows the researcher to gain perspective of an insider's view of how individual participants make sense of the the world
Form of data transcription; word-by-word
The point where no new information can be gained from data
Part of Psychology; questions if a social reality can exist independent of human perception and interpretation
Claim that truth or falsity of knowledge is determined by whether it accurately describes the world
Form of observation where the researcher will record specific, predetermined features of behaviour
A form of interview, using a guide that lists themes, yet allows flexibility and the ability for further depth
Form of triangulation; comparing data through several researchers
Form of triangulation; comparing data through different methods
Form of triangulation; comparing data that come from data gathered from other participants or sources
Form of triangulation; comparing data through different theoretical perspectives
Form of generalisation; can be applied to settings outside the study. Also known as 'external validity'.
A trusting and open relationship between the interviewer and participant
When information and conclusions of research is cross-checked; this is done through multiple procedures or sources
The occurrence of research data not being known to anyone outside the study, as well as how data is stored
A transcription which includes non-word features such as laughter that need to be considered
Form of sampling; Targets a specific group of people
A form of interview, uses a group of people with a similar issue with a researcher aiming to act as a facilitator. Participants respond and contribute to each other's situation
Process where the researcher reflects on their own beliefs/background and how it can influence the experiment
Part of ethics; cannot be obtained in covert observation
Form of observation; participants know that they are being observed
Form of question; invites the participant to respond to of something or someone with their feelings
A technique that shows the interviewer is listening by restating participant's comments and integrating them into later questions
Something to be considered when different interviewers will cause different responses i.e. male or female interviewers
Form of observation; participants don't know they're being observed and the researcher 'makes up a story' as to why they want to interact with the desired participants
Form of reflexivity; involves thinking about how the knowledge was obtained in the study
Form of observation; the researcher isn't part of the situation
Form of observation; the researcher isn't constrained by predetermined categories of analysis, but has decided what areas to look for
Form of observation that will record all relevant behaviour
Form of sampling; asks participants if they know other potential participants

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