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Platelets are ______ which can ______
Clots form from cross-linked _____
Fibroconectin has ______ and is found ______, while lamin is found in the _____ only
Integrins will bind to the amino acid sequence _____
Outside the cell, procollagen first becomes a ____ then a _____
_______ and ____ are released by platelets and attract white cells
Vascularization from scratch
________ arrive within minutes, _____ and _____ within hours
Myofibroblasts ____ to as so the skin does not keep spreading out
Neovascularization and angiogensis are promoted by __________ and _______
Cadherin requires _____ and needs _____ molecules to bind to eachother.
ECF is low in ____ but otherwise similar to _____
Vascularization starting form pre-existing blood vessels
Procollagens are made of 3 _____ intertwined
Hemidesmosomes differ from focal adhesions in that their cytoskeleton bound is ____
The hydrated matrix is the made of ____ and ____
The components of the ECM are ____, ____, _____ (order in lecture)
Growth factors are ______, which induce proliferation
Growth release leads to _______- division and migration to the wound. These cells become ____________
____ are when integrins gather in an area to glue a cell , the interior cytoskeletal element is ___
VEGF is released to to ___ environments
Fibroblasts are the _____ cell, whose principle job is to ________
Stages of wound healing
The surface of the cell is the ________, which acts as a ________, regulates______, and sends ________
Cross-linking in collagen occurs between ____ and is catalyzed by ____- which is ____- dependent
Collagen has a ____ modulus of elasticity, and makes up ____
CAM binds ___ to ____, has a _______ association
Elastin has a __ modulus of elasticity, and has no shape/______ and is found in ______
_____ is relased by white cells and damaged ECM, the supply of it is stored in ____-
Proteoglycans are deocrated with ____
Collagen is made using _____ import: _____ are exported out of the ER as a ____ helix with ____ ends
WBCS produce ____ which degrade ECM, release ____ to recruit more
Proteoglycans functions: reduce ______, resist ________, bind __ and ____
When foreign bodies are walled of:
Integrins are _____ with a __ and ___ subunit
Lectins bind _________ onto __________, is _______ association
Component of elastin is ___
Cells will only grow if stuck onto the ____ with the exception being ___ and ____
Selectins let _____ bind to ______

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