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Endocrine gland: releases growth hormones, ACTH, thryoid stimulating, follicle stilating, LH, and PRL
Hormone class: most simple
Diseases: Undersecretion of cortisol __________, oversecretion of cortisol _________
Hormone class: 3 examples of amines (alphabetical order)
Diabetes type due to no response to insulin
10% of cells in Islet: _________ release _______ which inhibits GH release
Diabetics have __ times the amount lipoproteins in plasma
Insulin Mechanism ends up with a decrease in ______
Deficient secretion or use of insulin
GH operates under ________ feedback systems for regulation
Undersecretion of Parathyroid hormone leads to __________-________ excitability, while oversecretion leads to _____________
Steroid mechanism: a _______floats out of nucleus and translation begins
75% of the pituitary gland is _________ secreting ____ major hormones
25% of cells in Islet: _________ release _________ which raise blood glucose
cAMP system: cAMP activates ___________ which __________ proteins
Short loop negative feedback mechanism, the ______ affects the hypothalamus
Breakdown of liver glycogen into glucose
Another name for pituitary gland
Insulin Mechanism: Glucokinase causes up glycogen synthesis -> _________ and ___________activity up
Corticotropes secrete _____-
Insulin promotes break up of glucose into _________ and________ in the _______
Hormones that exert local effects
Hormonal controls by proximity longest to shortest (3)
Hormone: Stimulates growth and metabolism
Endocrine gland: releases cortisol, aldosterone
the hypothalamic-hypophyseal portal system transports hyRIH to hormone producing cells of the ________
Besides glucose, Insulin also promotes cell uptake of _______
_______cells form ______: a hormone that stimulates uterine muscles & mammary glands
A chemical substance secrted into body fluids by one cell or group and exert physiology control effects on other ones
3 Hormone Mechanisms: ______ _____, ______ _____ system, Activation of ______
Hormone: milk production stimulation
Steroids are ______allowing them to diffuse through the membrane
Formation of glucoes from triglycerides and other nutrients
Undersecretion of insulin leads to __________ and eventually __________
Growth hormone also stimulates ________ as a self-regulation mechanism
The _______ is neurally connected to hypothalamus
Diabetes type due to beta cell destruction by autoimmune attack
Hormone: increase blood glucose, affects lipid metabolism relased by adrenal cortex
Hyperglycemia _______GH secretion while hypoglycemia __________ GH secretion
Steroid mechanism: hormone-receptor complex in nucleus activates __________ of _______
Lipase Pathway: Liver converts fatty acids into ____, _____, and more _____-
Growth Hormone increases rate of ______ entering cells and rate of __________
3 external factors that can control pituitary hormone release
Hormone: Stimulates thryoid
Long loop negative feedback mechanism, the ________ affects the hypothalamus
In adults, gigantism is _______
Hormone class: structure similar to cholesterol
Neurons in the hypothalamus secrete and synthesize
Posterior pituitary gland is composed of ______ which ______ hormones
Excerise __________ GH secretion
Hormonal control by neural system going through blood stream before the cell
Make up 30-40% of cells in anterior pituitary gland
Insulin has the opposite effect of ______
60% of cells in Islet: _________release ________ which lowers blood glucose
What are the two major control systems of the body?
Lipase Pathway: Lipase hydrolyzes ________ in ________
Undersecretion of GH leads to ________ while oversecretion leads to __________
Endocrine gland: releaes parathormone
Hormone: ___________ stimulating hormone and __________ hormone stimulate gonads to produce gametes
Disorder association with undersecretion of ADH
Insulin Mechanism: Uptake of glucose -> ________ activity up
Meeting of hypothalamus & posterior gland
Hormone class: Amines are modified from what amino acid
Glucagon _______ release of glucose from liver
Type 2 diabetes in adults
Another name for anterior pituitary gland
Parts of the pancreas that contain endocrine cells
Insulin ______ release of glucose from liver
Neurons that secrete HyRIH terminate in the ________
Growth hormone stimulates release of ________ which acts like insulin mediating GH's effects
in the median eminence, HyRIH is secreted and absorbed in the _______________ of the _______________
Another name for Posterior pituitary gland
Somatotropes secrete _______
Oxytocin stimulates contraction of _________ smooth muscle and __________ cells around alveoli of mammary glands
Steroid mechanism: binds to __________ first in order to _______ into the nucleus
_____ cells form _____: a hormone which regulates blood osmolality
Axon of the supraoptic nerve fiber
Endocrine gland: releases thyorxine, triidothryoine, and calcitonin
Disorder associated with undersecretion TSH
Axon of the paraventricular nerve fiber
Endocrine gland: releases insulin, glucagons
Hormone: Lowers blood calcium levels and phosphate levels
Contains circadian oscillators, right above optic chiasm
2 examples of local hormones
The insulin receptor is a ___________
24 hour light-dark cycle
Make up 20% of cells in anterior pituitary gland
Hormone class: 2 examples of proteins & polypeptides (abbreviated) along with all anterior hormones
A hyrih that stimulates pituitary gland production of ACTH
Hormone: lowers blood glucose from pancreas
Hormone class: 2 examples of steroids
Six Major hormones released by anterior pituitary gland in order of (FLAGTP)
Hormone: highers blood glucose, from pancreas
Release of hormones in anterior pituitary gland are controlled by _____________
Hormone that inhibits release of growth hormone
cAMP system: adenylate cyclas converts _______ into _______
Insulin facilitates glucose transport through everywhere but these two organs
Hormone: Stimulates adrenal cortex to secrete cortisol among other glucocorticoids
Problems of diabetics: Loss of ______ in _______, ______ effect, and ________
Hormone: stimulates contraction of uterine smoth muscle; involved with milk ejection
Hormone: Promotes reabsorption of water in urinary system
Examples of Direct Activation Hormones (2)
Hormone: Raises calcium levels, reduces phosphate levels
Glucose goes through cells with this type of transport
Lipase Pathway: Lipase hydrolyzes triglycerides into ___ and ___
Examples include epinephrine, norepinephrine, renin, GT, and thryoid hormone; secreted by endocrine glands and transported into blood
Hormone that stimulates release of growth hormone
Endocrine gland: releases ADH, OT
Diabetics have an increase risk of __________ which can lead to ______
Hormones are usually controlled by _______feedback systems
Insulin Mechanism: Phosphofructokinase and glycogen synthase causes less glycogen breakdown -> ________ activity down
Steroid hormones are secreted by the ___, ___, and ____
25% of the pituitary gland is ______ secreting _____ major hormones
Another name for ADH
Peak time of growth hormone release
cAMP system: Hormone binds with ________, activating ________

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