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LetterPart of Brain
Glial cell type: Produce CSF
Extrapyramidal: vestibulospinal tract decussates in ____
Reticulospinal tract originates in ____
6 Divisions of CNS (top to bottom)
H and D together are the ___
In LES, ____ goes down causing EPP to down
Spinocerebellar tract goes from ____ to _____, decussates in ____
Neurotransmitter: concentrated in brain stem, hypo, sympathetic; deals with arousal; excitatory
Parts of Diencephalon
The DMCL is ____ (speed wise)
In MG, ______ are destroyed by _______
Primary Sensory Area
Auditory Association Area
Parts of Basil ganglia
Damage to the Wernicke's Area is associated with
Glial cells type: produce myelination in CNS
Lobe associated with sensory
Glial cells type: provide nutrients to nervous tissue
Lobe associated with visual
Spinotectal tract: _____ to cortex
Primary Taste Area
Reticulospinal trac terminates in ____
DCML: Decassation in _____
Parts of Telencephalon
Tectospinal tract terminates in ____
Pons has control of ______ in medulla
In LES, ______ are destroyed causing less _____
Inferior colliculi associated with ___
LetterPart of Brain
Extrapyramidal: reticulospinal tract decussates in ____
Spinoreticular tract is involved in ___ pain
DCML: terminates in ____
Neurotransmitter: neurons in a lot of places; inhibitory; chlorine conductance
Spinothalamic (Anterior) is involved in ____ touch and _____
Lateral corticospinal terminates in ___ and __
The ____ is a network of interlacing nerve fibers in medulla, pons, and midbrain
Visual Association Area
Extrapyramidal: Tectospinal tract: decussates in ____
Excitatory neurotransmitters
3 vitality centers of medulla:
Lobe associated with motor
Primary Auditory Area
The Cerebellum is mainly associated with ____ movements
Tectospinal tract originates in___
The Thalamus is a relay station for ______ , but doesn't pass _____ signals
Anterolateral: decussation In ______
The anterior of the brain is associated with _____ neurons
Vestibulospinal tract terminates in ____
Anterior corticospinal terminates ____ muscles
Huntington's Disease occurs in the ______ due to _______ and ______ production lowering from enzyme deficiency
Inhibitory Neurotransmitters
Glial cell type: produce myelination in PNS
Neurotransmitter: Neurons of brain stem, sleep, temperature, mood, excitatory
Damage to the Broca's Area is associated with
Neurotransmitter: motor pathway neurons, inhibitory
Hemispheres of cerebrum connected by _____
Premotor Area
Superior colliculi associated with ___
Vestibulospinal tract originates in ___
Parkinson's Disease occurs due to the death of _______ neurons in the _________
LetterPart of Brain
All pyramidal tracts originate from _____
rubrospinal tract originates from ____
Rubrospinal tract controls ____ muscles
Vestibulospinal tract controls ______
5 Divisions of spinal cord (top to bottom)
DCML: is a pathway for___ touch and ____
Pyramidal System: corticobulbar tract: decussation in _____
The Reticular formation is mainly associated with _____
Reticulospinal tract controls ____
rubrospinal tract terminates in ______
corticobulbar tract terminates in ____ muscles
Neurotransmitter: substantia nigra, inhibitory, subconscious skeletal movement
Spinoreticular tract: ____ to cortex
Neurotransmitter: sensory pathway neurons, excitatory
Lobe associated with auditory/olfactory
The posterior of the brain is associated with ______ neurons
Pyramidal System: Lateral corticospinal tract:decussation in _____
Spinothalamic (both): synpase in _____ to ____ to _____ in brain
Primary Visual Area
In myasthenia gravis ____ goes down causing EPP to drop
Primary Motor Area
Spinotectal tract: orient ___ and ___ toward stimuli
4 Divisions of Brain (top to bottom)
Motor Area for Speech/Broca's Area
Neurotransmitter: concentrated in motor neurons, basal ganglia, parasympathetic
Tectospinal controls ____ and _____
Extrapyramidal: rubrospinal tract: decussation in
Spinothalamic (Lateral) is involved in ___ and ____
Pyramidal System: Anterior corticospinal tract:decussation in _____

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