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Amount of base pairs per turn on DNA
surrounding sequence of +1
lower layers of dermis
peptide chain is built in the
Anthrax through cut or abrasion
promote transcription
strand copied continuously
reason the terminator forms a hairpin
blistering agent
HV causing cross linking of
steroids bind to this to move through blood
remove introns
new infection, invasion of something resistant to drug in use
Anti-viral drug treates herpes; guanosine look-alike
base change mutation
Initiator + TATA complex
degrades transcript after polyA degradation
1 copy of each chromosome
where to line up mRNA binding site on prokaryotes
flag for export of mRNA from nucleus, prevents degradation
cell wall inhibitor example
long lasting erection
synthesized by microorganisms against other ones
virus stops replication, lays dormant until reactivation
dominant protein in blood, prevent h2o loss, carrier molecule
diabetes type: deficiency of insulin secretion; autoimmune
site where tRNA exits
lower blood glucose
everything before a start codon (mRNA)
upper layers of dermis
Environment of cytoplasm that results in ricin A & B separaitng
TFs binding to TFIID complex
DNA polymerase, get rid of primers
fatal anthrax due to inhalation of spores
where ribosomal RNA synthesis occurs
substrate binds to repressor controlling transcription
drop in cardiac output and blood flow due to bacterial infection
gum disease
body's mechanism of transporting fat and blood (molecule)
positive gene regulation: as glucose goes up, cAMP goes
Intestinal anthrax
Chromatin type: less densely packed; active state
single strand binding proteins, prevent re-annealing
excessive urine
EF-G uses how many GTP
Anthrax factor: leads to cell lysis, cleaves cell division enzymes
strand copied in fragments
to bind single DNA strands back together
end of DNA that has unmodified phosphate
upstream is what direction (5' or 3')
type of topoisomerase that no energy is used
total ATP and GTP usage (__,___)
shape of prokaryotic DNA
part of ricin that enters cells
first mRNA modificaiton
Initiation needs the addition of how many NTPs before elongation
cell old age
multiple ribosomes on a single mRNA
Prokaryotic number of replication origins
eyelid becomes inflammed
make molecules
mutation in this in 70% of MODY
a DNA strand and all genes it carries
Immune system cell that gobbles up anthrax in lungs
Anthrax factor: endocytoses self into cells
2 copies of each chromosome
melt's duplex DNA
a strand to which you will add bases to
DNA and histone complex
Bonds between complement bases in DNA
diseases of retina
muscle pain
raw materials and energy for transcription
code for regulatory proteins, control expression of structural genes
Adds a primer
DNA polymerase with built in RNA template, adds in bases to stop end-replication problems
Length after stretching out chromosome linearly
synthetic steroid example
lose purine/base off a sugar
includes both natural and synthetic substances against organisms
sequence between promoter and first gene
something that kills cells (adjective)
overdevelopment of male breast tissue
3rd position of anticodon
several genes with related functions, regulated together
binds to origin and separates DNA strands
prevents suprcoiling
2 molecules of DNA/RNA only differ in degree of supercoiling
lethal dose amount of anthrax spores
Time when virus is transmissible between people
end of DNA that has unmodified hydroxyl group
Bonds that form the phosphate backbone
elevated blood sugar
portions far away from promoter
base change leads to stop codon
DNA lying within genes; expressed
removes 5' cap after polyA degradation
number of stop codons
DNA polymerase, 5' to 3' polymerass 3' to 5' exonuclease
bond between ricin A and B
a protein that modulates transcription
product binds to repressor controlling transcription
Process of adding a polyA tail
amino acid can be coded for by more than one codon
site where tRNA comes in
portions around promoter
adding carbon chains
type of factor required to allow RNA poly to bind to DNA
Positively charged proteins that DNA binds to for neutralization and compaction into the nucleus
EF-TU takes how many GTP
moving ester bonds, involved in splicing
(mRNA) multiple genes, multiple binding sequences
Topoisomerase type such as gyrase that uses energy
finds polyA signal and then cleaves hairpin off
binds to TATA box first
DNA lying between expressed segments of genes but don't code
HNF binds to this creating a complex
Part of virus, helps infect host cells, hide from immune system
part of ricin that is cytotoxic
Nucleic acid sequence necessary for synthesis of functional protein
Prevents DNA from falling off
diabetes type: cells don't respond to insulin
excised intron form, quickly degraded
transcriptional defect from inherited mutation causing diabetes
can pair with U, C, or A, in wobble position
disease of nerves, typically peripheral
end of tRNA that binds to amino acid
moves peptide onto the new amino acid (an ase)
type of RNA poly that makes mRNA (pre-)
sets lifetime of transcript
makes cuts in lumps due to wrong base pairing
cAMP binds to, forming a complex (regulation of lactose)
pyrmidine loses amino group (change of base)
Chromatin Type: folded and compacted; inactive
steroids based on this (type of molecule)
Anthrax anti-microbial; inhibits bacterial DNA gyrase
whats deleted each replication (end-replication problem)
Infected and an immune response has been mounted
inhibit transcription (not completely stop)
repairs breaks in backbone, makes final phosphodiester bonds between gaps
hair loss
transcription binds to this thing (-25 base pairs upstream0
start codon
kill bacterial (adjective)
sites specifying beginning and end of introns
break up molecules
type of supercoiling resulting form helicase
site where peptide grows (middle)
stop growth of bacteria (adjective)
Cell that lyses in herpes
The terminator is located in the (transcript or DNA)
Elongation factor in eukaryotic translation
strand that is being copied
DNA lying between genes
redness ofs kin
guanines across from each other (1 away) crosslinked
code for enzymes/proteins
Accumulation of ketones (drop plasma pH)
excessive thirst
two adjacent guanines crosslinked
Does translocaiton
Ricin A depurinates results in inhibiting what binding to the large subunit
reduction in hemoglobin content
Length of one turn on DNA (in nm)
sequences that are the same in promoters amongst species
isolated guanine with mustard gas sticking off
Y's at the side of each replication bubble
Level of compaction after nucleosomes
Exclude liquid matter from cytoplasm leaving DNA
blood vessels in the brain (adjective)
Phosphorylates guanosine; activates it
cell bursts, spilling out its guts
Ricin A depurinates this on rRNA
Anthrax factor: leads to water imbalance, cAMP drownage
base change no effect on amino acid sequence
dead (refers to tissue)
nucleic acid inhibitor example
Difficulty breathing
base added or deleted
narrow or broad (in reference to antimicrobials)
everything after stop codon (mRNA)
start point in transcription designated with numerical value of
group of 3 sequential bases, designate amino acid
substrate induction and end-product repression are _______forms of regulation

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