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Constitutive Behavior of Material: It does/does not dissipate energy as its loaded
Solution in which WBC is 100% wrinkled
Constitutive Behavior of Material: Linear/non-linear stress-strain relationship
Membrane aspect of WBC
Provides viscous elemnt of RBCS
Viscoelasticity: Stress-strain curve is different for loading and unloading
Constitutive Behavior of Material: Behavior does/does not depend on alignment
Viscoelasticity: Sudden application of stress causes a deformation that increases with time
Viscoelastic Models in order of complexity (least to greatest)
Proteins important for lubrication and spacing
Stress-strain relationship does not depend on alignment
3 Collagen types: ______forming collagens (with the help of another, forms the 'lattice')
Structure of: 3 alpha chains in helix to 5 tropocollagens to microfibrils to fibrils
Intrinsic Factors of Tendons/Ligaments (2 in alphabetical order):
Provides shell theory aspect of RBCS
3 Collagen types: ______associated collagens (with the help of another, forms the 'lattice')
Rank tendons, ligaments, and skin in terms of organization (most to least)
3 components of Connective Tissues (in alphabetical order)
Protein secretes matrix (collagen, elastin)
Constitutive Behavior of Material: Stress-strain behavior is independent/dependent of position
Structure of: 3 alpha chains to rods to cross-linked to coil
Extrinsic Factors of Tendons/Ligaments (1):
Solution in which WBC is 80% wrinkled
Dominant protein in WBC
Stress-strain relationship does depend on alignment
Compound that disrupts F-actin
Constitutive Behaviors of Materials (in order of LEHI)
Provides elastic/flexible element of RBCs
Viscoelasticity: Sudden application of strain induces a stress that decreases with time
Ranks tendons, ligaments, and skin in terms of load bearing (most to least)
A fast young's modulus yields a what in friction (increase or decrease)
3 Collagen types: ______forming collagens (major component of tendons & ligaments
Protein important in extensibility of connective tissue (ligaments and tendons)
Solution in which WBC is swollen

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