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Comp Stress-Strain Mech: Region in which bone absorbs energy until we reach yield stress
Cartilage Stress-Strain Mech: the order of degrees to the cleavage line with highest slope to lowest
The media contains ___ cells, and has high ___ content, and moderate ___ content
Inner layer of bone
In Aneurysms, the radius increases causing the ____ to increase (greek letter)
Keratan sulfate, and chondroitan sulfate are examples of ______-
The equilibrium of cartilage creep test is due to ___ bearing the load
Bone Cells
Comp Stress-Strain Mech: Trabecullar bone begins to collapse, acts like'packing foam'
Blood Vessels: Stress levels are related to ______ and ____ on endothelial cells
Tensegrity Model: Tension elments are ____
Density Dependence on bone is characterizied by equation _____ over _____
Endothelial cell response to shear stress: cells ____ in direction of _____
Cartilage Zone: collagen fibers, lubricin, chondrocytes
Endothelial cell response to shear stress: Change in ____ and ____ expression
The middle cylindrical part of the bone is called the _____ region
Bone cells that secrete bone matrix
The viscous creep of cartilage creep test is due to ____
As the Density Dependence increase there is less ______, while _____, _____, and energy transmission through joints increases
Endothelial cell response to shear stress: Increased cell ____ and _____
Medium sized arteries are known as __ arteries
Cleavage line patterns correspond to ____ created by _____
Cortical bone is 2/3 _______, which mainly _______
Cartilage Functions (3)
Lies on the curved surfaces of joints
Cartilage Function: minimal friction
Cartilage is composed of (3)
Endothelial cell response to shear stress: microtubules bear ____
Cartilage Zone: large collagen fibers arranged radially on surface, generating cleavage lines
Comp Stress-Strain Mech: Region in which traceulae have collapsed, stresses begin to rise
Cartilage Zone: collagen and proteoglycans
Outer layer of bone
Collagen fibrils are ____ when unloaded
Reduce stress concentrations in joints
Cartilage creep test points in order (3)
The superficial zone has collagen fibers, ____, and _____
The ______ of the tissue matrix and the ____ of the fluid are dependent on eachother
_____ decreases with age: This is due to an increase in permeability causing a decrease in ____ under load leading to an increase load on the_____
The middle zone has collagen fibers and ____
Cartilage Function: little deterioration with time
Tensegrity Model: Compression elements are ____
Proteoglycans have a strong ____ charge, and bind and attract ____
Compact, very dense bone
In plastic collapse, stress is ___ while strain is ____
'sensor molecules' for force transduction; trigger biochemical pathways in cell
Cartilage Zones in order of top to bottom (4)
Cortical bone type consists of parallel osteons 1-2cm in length
Cells align ______ to stretch direction, this does not occur in ____ conditions
Trabecular bone is aligned to bear ______
Cortical bone is 1/3 ______, _____ , and _____
The ____ theory models cartilage as a mixture of solid and fluid components which are interdependent
Endothelial cell response to shear stress: F- actin bears ____
Cartilage is ____ (isotropy)
3 Regions of Compressive Strain-Stress Mechanics
Cortical bone type: young animals, injury repair
Cortical bone is _____ material: or ______ material defined by orthogonal coordinate system
The Intima contains ____ cells and the ____
Osteon Lamella are wrapped in ___ fibers to add ductility
Cartilage Zone: collagen is mineralized
Bone has the ____ Young's Modulus
If mean residual stress is 0, the vessel is in _______
Opening angles ___ with increasing pressure
The loss of articular cartilage with underlying bone degeneration
Larger opening angles are attributed to ____ residual stress, while small opening angles are attributed to _____ residual stress
Bone cells that degrade bone matrix
The adventitia contains _____ as well as elastin and collagen
Spongy, Cancellous bone; 10-50% as dense
Tensegrity Model: Elements
Blood vessels are located in the _____ of the bone
Murray's Law of minumum work eventually proves shear stress to be _____
Large arteries are known as ___ arteries
Layers of blood vessels from inner to outer
Loading at higher ____ is more significant than ____ of loading

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