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Uncontrolled tissue death
With clathrin surrounding the vesicle is it known as _____
HDLs are also secreted by the liver and marked by _____, and once taken by cells are turned into
Clinical term for stroke
In the presence of ____ another lipid radical is formed (after o2)
In famililal hypercholesterolemia, there is a mutation in the _____
For any tranfusion to work out, you need the same _____ type, ____ factor, and _____ complex
LDL Mechanism: LDL becomes _____, stimulating the ____ to recruit______
Clathrin is made of __ heavy chains and __ light chains
Differential diagnoses: a tear in aorta
Atherosclerosis pathogenesis: Fat accumulation in intima
Not oxygenated
Transport: from the ER to outside
Oligosaccharides is ______ that is linked to amide nitrogen on _____
Differential diagnoses: inflammation of gall bladder
Differential diagnoses: inflammation of pericardium
Antioxidants include: (4), with the last one cells make by themselves
In Po import, a _____ directs protein to mitochondria
strep throat bacteria, causes heart disease if untreated
The ___ has 70% of the body's LDL receptors
LDL Mechanism: Macrophages ingest everything becoming _____ and eventually ____ occurs, dumping everything
Co Import Mechanism: The _____ holds the ribosome, while _____ is used to boot out ____ to allow translation to start
Co Import Mechanism: The pore protein sits right above the _____, allowing the protein to be shoved into the lumen.
Acid hydrolyases made in the ER are shipped to the _____ where enzymes recognize it and add a ________ group to it
_____ are cholesterol synthesis inhibitors
The ER environemt _______ form, _______ of proteins occur, ______ off things occurs, and _______ assembly occurs, and _______
LDL Mechanism: ______ allow monocytes to get into the endothelium
Disease of large and medium arteries, results in accumulates of smooth muscle cells and lipids within intima
LDL Mechanism: LDL floating around blood gets into the _______
A ____ sequence is 20 amino acids long, binding inside the pore membrane
Co Import Mechanism: ___ chops off the signal sequence
The default destination for co import is ___
Familial hypercholesterolemia is due to a mutation in the _________
LDLs are marked by _____
In the endosome, ligands fall of because the _____, changes the _____ of proteins
An ____ protein links _____ to receptors (endocytosis)
Chest pain
In Po import, a _____ directs protein to nucleus
Bacteria in athero plaques are the same as those in ______ disease
A _____ can direct a co-translation import somewhere specified
The environment of an endosome is ____
______ terminates radical chain reactions
Triglycerides are a preferred energy source for ____ and ____
LDLs are ____ and considered ___ cholesterol
____ binds to a protein made with an NLC signal and the ____ recognizes it and lets it in
LDLs are considered a _______ system
Hardening of arteries is _____ caused by ____ deposits in connective tissue
Co Import Mechanism: On the mRNA there is a ____ that ____ recognizes causing ____ to stop
In the presence of oxygen, lipid radicals turn into _______ radical and a _________ radical again
Protein imported into rough ER at the same time it is being translated
Transport: from the outside to the ER
Eample of co-translation import protein
The _____ receptor recognizes mannose-6-phosphate and a _____ vesicle is made
Cholesterol goes to cells making enzymes in the ____ and inhibits them
Middle layer of arteries is______ and it contains ___________ cells
the _________ and _________ reactions produce a ______ radical
Differential diagnoses: gall stones
controlled tissue death
Protein manufactured in cytoplasm and then imported into rough ER
Example of post-translational import
A hydroxyl radical and a lipid together react to get _____ and a ________radical
LDL Mechanism: Monocytes become _________ and secrete ______
Atherosclerosis pathogenesis: Depots of fats that are under transparent layer of cells in intima
Intima is composed of __________ and a ____ layer of _____ cells
___ % of all cardiovascular deaths result from atherosclerosis
These act as handles or identifiers for lipoproteins
Blood type AB is known as universal _____ while type O is known as universal ________
________ produces superoxide and peroxide continuously at low levels
trouble breathing
Atherosclerosis pathogenesis: Blood rip endothelial cells due ot force exposing media
Chylomcrions are transported to ____, _______, and _______
LDLs are composed of a ____ membrane with an interior of _____ and _______
O-linked are ____, while N-linked are ____
Clinical term for heart attack
Atherosclerosis does not occur in the _____
The Nucleus has a ___ envelopes which is continuous with the ____ and _____
_____ enhances LDL uptake (drug)
Dietary ion-exchange resins bind to _____
Most common surgery: removal of _____
Inherited elevated blood cholesterol
excess sweating
Oligosaccharides is _____ that is linked to hydroxyl oxygen on ______ or _________
Cell sorting facility
Atherosclerosis pathogenesis: _____ form causing blockagein blood vessel
Liver turns chylomicrons into _________ which once taken up by cells are turned into _________
The layer of artery containing nerves, connective tissue, and fat
Blood Types: The inheritance of _____ transferase for A antige, _____ transferase for B antigen

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