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Can you name the DC Rebirth titles based on the descriptions?

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Best-selling Batman scribe Scott Snyder passes the title to up-and-coming superstar Tom King.
Black Canary and Green Arrow reuntie!
Are Sector 2814 and Earth big enough for two rookie Green Lanterns?
Can Superman save the world and raise a super-son?
A deadly enemy rises from the deep.
The Fastest Man Alive gets the shock of his life.
The Amazon warrior questions her past... and future.
Wally West returns to the team hunting a villain that cast him out of time.
The League confronts the new Man of Steel.
Hal Jordan must confront the growing threat of Sinestro's army of Yellow Lanterns.
Back in blue. Back in Gotham. Back against the wall.
Batgirl,Huntress, and Black Canary reunite to uncover the secrets of the new Oracle.
The dark and dangerous mystic returns to his roots as old threats sprout back up.
A defective Superman clone and outcast Amazon join Batman's former sidekick.
DC's most deadly villains try to do some good.
The world's deadliest hunter becomes the prey.
New powers. New city. New job-agent of the D.E.O.
Ted Kord and Doctor Fate team to unlock the secrets of Jaime Reyes' powers.
The divide between man and machine grows for Vic Stone.
Batman's son, Damian Wayne forms a new teen team.
The search for Terry McGinnis uncovers a new Dark Knight.

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