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Batman's Real Name is
His Parents Are
Who Were Killed By (pre-Flashpoint)
In Gotham (the show), the killer was actually
The Butler who raised Batman is named
Who became the short-lived villain known as
Who's Earth-3 version serves this villain
Who is a member of this criminal team
The woman who helped care for Batman when he was young is
The first super-villain Batman faced was
Who was radically reimagined in this New 52 storyline
The most wellknown villain of Batman is
Who was played by this man in 1989
He was the primary villain in this video game
The first sequel was known as
The mastermind in the previous game was
Whose daughter is
Batman's primary sidekick is known as
The first incarnation of this sidekick is
Him and Batman debuted in this title
He was played by this man in 1995
The first movie he was in is
The movie before this was
The primary villain was
This person played them
The other villain is
The sequel to #22 is
The director to #22 and #27 is
The Batman in #22
The Batman in #27
The second #18
Who was killed in this storyline
This person was resurrected and became
The third #18
Later became
Led this team in the New 52
Is currently held prisoner by
The fourth Robin is
Currently costars with Superboy in
Batman's city of residence
It's head of police
His daughter's name
Her first and current moniker
The current moniker of #19, her on-again off-again boyfriend
#43's temporary alias
Was crippled in this graphic novel
Was portrayed by this actress in # 27
The redeemed villain of #27
His cohort
Her lackey
Who was improved in this movie
The rebooted movie that came out in 2005
The secondary antagonist of this movie
The sequel to #52
The primary villain was played by
The villain created by the primary villain in #54 is
Who teamed up with this villain in #22
The current Batman in film is played by
And first appeared in this movie
And included a reimagined version of this villain
Batman appeared in the post-credit scene of this movie
Which featured this sidekick to #12
And it also featured this reptilian villain
The prequel to #14
The crime boss in the beginning of #64
The orange and blue villain hired by #65
The sharpshooter hired by #65
The ninja hired by #65
The pyro hired by #65
The Russian hired by #65
The villain in a side-mission of this game with a white mask
Was featured in season 4 of this show
Batman is a founding member of this super-team that will receive a movie in 2017
In the movie, will be formed with the help of
This person is a part of the team with super speed
This king was changed to be more screen-friendly
This quarterback is also a member of #36
The villain of #73 is
Who is a lackey of
Who 'killed' Batman in this crossover
The sequel to #15
This villain appears in the game as a serial killer with a trail of bodies
This villain appears in #81 to impersonate #1
This villain appears in #81 as a cult leader
This villain appears in #15 ans #81 as a loon obsessed with a children book
This character can be a villain in #81 but depends on the player's choice
Who replaces Batman in this storyline
This actor played Batman in 1966
This actor played #18 in 1966
This villain was aware of Batman's identity in #15
This mini-series depicted Batman as an old man
Batman appeared in this 2014 animated film
This movie got a spinoff based on Batman known as
This TV show based on Batman only got one season
This show featured this superhero as his sidekick
Who was a founding member of this team
And was a member of this team in the New 52
This blonde bombshell was a member of that team
Who married this superhero who used to be a ripoff of Batman
I am Vengeance. I am the Night.

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