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Denied Jesus 3 times, then preached the day of pentecost and saw 3000 souls saved
Thrown into the Lions den, and lived to tell about it
I protected Israelite Spies
I once killed a man, then led Gods people out of slavery
I Baptised Jesus
King of Israel who was once only a shepherd
I was taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire
I destroyed many armies then one little boy killed me with a rock
Once was a persecuter of Christians, became such a great man of God that people were healed just by me walking by
Had a Vision on Heaven and the end of times
Was commanded by a prophet to bathe in the Jordan river to heal me of Lepracy
King during the time of Jesus' death
Refused to persecute Jesus, Judged his trial, Governor at the time of his death
Followed Jesus for 3 years then denied him for 30 pieces of silver
Sold into slavery and then rose to be great leader in Egypt because of my ability to interpret dreams
Took over for Moses as leader of the Israelites when he died
Moses sister
My wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she turned to look back into Sodom and Gamorah
I stole my brothers blessing and his birthright and ran from my home, wrestled and angel, got my name changed and my 12 sons became the 12 tribes of Israel
God told me to sacrifice my son, He provided a lamb so I didnt have to, Father of the Christian faith

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