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'I'm A Brother Seamus'
'Ve Vant Ze Money, Lebowski'
'I Am The Walrus?'
'Oh, Just A Friend Of Maudie's'
'Does The Female Form Make You Uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?'
'Your'e Not Messing With Morons Here Lebowski'
'Sometimes You Eat The Bar, And Sometimes The Bar Eats You'
'Brandt Can't Watch, Though, Or He Has To Pay A Hundred'
'He Looks Like A F***ing Deadbeat!'
'I Would Like If You Came And Gave Me Notes'
'I Pull Over And Kick Your Ass Out, man!'
'Gimme The Marker Dude, I'm Marking It 8'
'Nobody F***s With The Jesus!'
'People Forget That The Brain Is The Biggest Erogenous Zone'
'Nice Marmot'
'You Want A Toe?'
'Keep Your Ugly F***in' Goldbrickin' Ass Out Of My Beach Community'
'Colud You Slide Down Your Shorts'
'Did I Pee On Your Rug?'
'Phone For You Dude'

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