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Possessions never meant anything to me. I'm not crazy, well that's not true I got a bed.
If you wanna make the move then you better come in It's just the ability to reason that wears so thin
New love new fun new me, isn't that the way it's supposed to be?
I've already come to terms, with bridges I have burned, we all make mistakes
Everybody is leaving from this town and from me, they've got the burning flame, they sure achive their aim
Right now, well it's finally time to face my fears, gunna get the hell out of here
I'm sorry that it took so long to write this song, but I gave up.
We rise like lions after the slumber in unvanquishable number
It's about time, we wrote our names in the cement, it's been killing you to say
It's all right to tell me what you think about me, I won't try to argue you or hold it against you
What happenend to dignity? Did it go away again? Just like some worn out trend
What if I'm right and you are wrong? What if you knew it all along? What if I figured out that I did not belong?
The day I learn to fly, I'm never coming down, on perfect wings I'll rise through the layers of the clouds
She works at hot topic, his heart microscopic, she thinks that it's love but to him it's sex
Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself
I'm a person just like you, but I've got better things to do than sit around and **** my head
You don't want me anymore, so I'll just walk right out the door
He used to be kind of a happy guy, but then one day he saidgood-bye to the person he used to be
Good bye my friend, you messed up again, you're going to prison, you're off to the pen
Here we are another awesome sunny day, warm water and intense ocean blues

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